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The Forthcoming New Book by Stewart Connell

Alternative Britain

In his second groundbreaking book, Stewart Connell describes an Alternative Britain, that refused to throw away the elements that made it Great and fashions a course for itself based on the re-affirmation of it’s national religion, social bonds, industrial economy, military might and representative parliamentary democracy.

The book contrasts the actual policy path that Britain took since 1960 with the alternative policy path that Britain could have taken if it had held on to it's national foundations rather than have them thrown away by the Conservative and Labour establishment over five decades.

 In the Alternative Britain of 2019, the British are more contented, spiritually and materially, more bonded together and less lonely and materialistic, they are less rich and less poor and secure in their national identity.

In a shocking contrast to Britian in 2019, AlterativeBritain, paint's a picture of a Britain united, free and full of common social bonds.