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Established 2011




 "Teach your kids to recognise and to despise all the propaganda

Filtered down by the dead echelons mainstream media"


 "My Love, I'd Do Anything For You"



From the album "Low in High School"



 Why Britain Needs the British Unionist Party


For 50 years the Conservative and Labour parties have been throwing away all the elements that made Great Britain: our Christian established religion, our common social bonds, our serious national economy, our armed forces and our parliamentary representative democracy.

The fake exit from the Eurostate is simply the trigger that highlights the empty shell state that Britain has become.

the bup will restore what has been thrown away rebuild repair and regenerate.

This cannot be done by marginal action tweaks or "make do" approaches.

We must have decisive action on a dramatic scale to restore Britain

An example of the sscale of change required is the size of the Britiah army

currently 76,000 there is no point in increasisng this by 10 or 20 thousand our economy must be built on defence









The Politics of Architecture:

Scale and Substance


The destruction of Glasgow between 1960 and 1980

reflects the politics and short term approach to architecture by the City Council and can be nfound in oither cities across the United Kingdom.










The Director of BBC News

(The BBC has a budget of £5 billion and 20,000 staff)


Fran Unsworth is the Director of BBC News and Current Affairs.

The independent grammer school educated BBC employee is paid £340,000 a year.

Since 2013 she has updated her BBC Blog five times.




Extremist ?




The National Question and The Answer

 Since it's establishment in April 201l, has called for the shifting of the political plates in the United Kingdom through the formal (rather than the current informal) organisationational merger of the Conservative and Labour (and other) parties that all endorse and promote the disolution of Britain as a Christian industrial nation and it's "transformation" into a godless service sector state.

In tandem with the formal consolidation of the Conservative and Labour parties (all pro immigration, pro EU, pro devolution and pro "progressive" social revolution) we have called for the emergence of a new national party (see BUP page) dedicated to restoring and rebuilding Britain as Britain.

The new party option is now, at last, increasingly finding traction across public opinion as seen dramatically in a recent opinion poll.

The general public are now witnessing daily the emptiness of Shell State Britain in 2018.

Their lives have been limited and ruined by the Conservative and Labour parties dissolution of Britain for over fifty years.

They are now drifting in a sea of lonlieness, poverty and debt, tied only to the cult of "work".

The Fake Exit of Britain from the Eurostate has simply highlighted the consequence of throwing away of all the moral, social, economic and political elements of our nation.

Increasingly the civil service (because it knows what is happening and is fearful) and business (because they are rich and fear for their profits) are issuing warnings and making preparations for public disorder, "civil unrest" and chaos.

The overiding question at issue today (comprising immigration, the Eurostate, legislative devolution and other profound matters) is should Britain be Britain or become something else?

In our parliamentary system it is only through contained parliamentary democratic conflict on the floor of the House of Commons (rather than outside on the streets) between two opposing constellations of opinion, one openly offering the end of Britain and one offering the restoration of Britain as Britain will the National Question be answered and resolved, one way or another.




The Regressive Revolution


From Commerce to Education to the Public sector to the Voluntary sector,

all parts of national life are now being recuited to endorse, facilitate and promote

promote the  Regressive Revolution that is currently filling the void inside Shell StateBritain.


Since the 1960's the Regressive Revolution (it described itself the "progressive" revolution) has

sought, largely successfully, to reverse the authentic progress of the British nation state.

Since the Glorious Revolution in 1688-1690, Britain made evolutionary parliamentary progress in every field of national activity.


Since the Regressive Revolution in the 1960's Britian has regressed in every field of national activity, of course






Establishment Nemisis

Having disintegrated the United Kingdom morally socially economically politically constitutionally governmentatlly and administratively for fifity years the Conservative and Labour establishment are now disintegrating itself.





No Freedom of Religion

Under the Equality and Diversity Cult

Glasgow Caledonian University Roman Catholic Chaplain, Mark Maurice has been removed from his university post for practicing his faith in his parish church.

In a parish devotion, a rosary of reparation for the gross offence to God which is "Pride" Glasgow was held.

(The "Pride" event is part of a highly political (the Conservative and Labour parties are facilitators and promoters of it - using public money and resources) and corpratised propaganda machine designed to "transform" British Chistian society into a godless service state by removing the Christian foundations from our nation and constitution).

On hearing about the devotion, Glasgow Caledonian said it was "disapointed" and stressed that it had a strongly inclusive culture and actively respected and promoted equality and diversity. supports the freedom of religion and worship and the right of the Reverend Maurice to practise his faith without punishment.