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On the 10th of March 2015

called for a new political formation to emerge:


A new Unionist Party.



This page will record developments.


29 September 2015


"A New Unionist Party"

by Stewart Connell

is available on the Speeches, Articles and Papers page.



03 August 2015

A Union with No Unionist Party.

There is no party in the United Kingdom that supports the unitary and integral

Parliamentary United Kingdom.

It is time to re-establish one.


25th June 2015

New UK Wide Unionist Party

and it's Parliamentary Representation Principle.

 The new Unionist Party will only stand for local councils and the British Parliament.

(It believes in one Nation, one Parliament)

It supports the repeal of devolution and it opposes referendums.







 25th of June 2015

The Descent.


We are now in the final descent from National decay to dis-integration and disorder.

The rate of descent has reached a critical mass point.

From the General Election to the loss of Dover to new devolution powers to the Eurostate referendum

to "over the counter" divorce to further privatisation of banks and other national "family silver"

on and on and on it goes.

No think tank, No campaign group (including,

No Facebook Page, No social networks, No Reports, No Speeches, No Papers,

No Briefings, No news releases will stop the Conservative and Labour parties from

crashing Great Britain .

Only a new political party can stop them, the only way they can be stopped, by

defeating them in the ballot box .


Without a new party all the forces (and there are many) for the restoration of Great Britain must fail.

With a new party they shall win.




20th of June 2015


The Last Chance.

The rout of Labour, Conservative and Liberals in the 59 British constituencies across Scotland, the historic dis-integration of the Labour Party and the

vichy Conservative Party's "London polity" provides British electors with one last chance

to restore the United   Kingdom.

 A new United Kingdom wide Unionist Party.

United Membership.

United Manifesto.

United Organisation.

United Candidates.

United Communication.

United Philosophy.

United Strategy.

United Tactics.

United Operations.

United Resources.


14th June 2015 

The New Unionist Party

Must Tackle

The Forbidden Subjects.


For 50 years an increasing number of subjects have been removed

or "parked" from public debate. They have became forbidden subjects.

The new Unionist party must tackle these subjects and break the political silence in order that they can be









Money Creation.

"Education" Industry.

"Charity" Industry.

"Care" Industry.

Re-opening of Coal Pits.


Power Generation.

Re-nationalisation of British Railways.




27th May 2015

UK-wide Unionist Party.

For 50 years the Conservative and Labour and parties sold out the Union, at long last at the General Election in May 2015 they paid the price.

They are now marginal parties across Scotland and the Conservative Party only contiues it's destruction of Great Britain through foreign money.

It is now time for  a new UK-wide Unionist Party to offer all the British people a broad manifesto dedicated to the British interest.




16th March 2015

10 Policies for a New Unionist Party.


1 Support Local Councils (Scrap Devolution).

2 Re-open Coal Pits and build 15 Coal Fired Power Stations.

3 Re-nationalise British Railways.

4 Increase British Army (From 82,000 to 400,000).

5 Establish a high street nationalised British Savings Bank .


6 Establish a Mothers Home Allowance Payment.

7 Establish a Welfare (Elderly) Department.

8 Abolish Student Fees.

9 Stop Immigration.

10 Get Out of European Union.





14th March 2015


A New Unionist Party,

An Old Political Lineage



Whigs 1678-1868


 Liberal Unionist Party 1886-1912


 Unionist Party 1912-1965


 A New Unionist Party 2015-




10th March 2015

A New Unionist Party.


"For 50 years now, across the entire range of moral, social,

economic and political matters both the Conservative and

Labour parties have taken our Nation in a revolutionary



Away from our Christian foundation,

away from our common social bonds,

away from our natural plentiful resources

and away from our Parliamentary democracy.


Today our Nation is in ruins.


On the eve of a General Election, 50 years after their

revolution began both the Conservative and Labour parties

remain dedicated to the revolution, to money

and foreign power.


It is now 100 years since these two parties became the

principal parties in our Parliamentary system.


They no longer serve the British Interest.

They are done, finished, over.


It is essential that a new political formation emerges, a new Unionist party.

A party that will restore Our Country."