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 It is not equitable for electors in any part of the United Kingdom to have less power in their vote than any other part.

  Electors in constituencies in England have less power in their vote than other electors across the United Kingdom.


The Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties all support devolution.


Devolution - A Popular Mass Movement?

Millions of pounds of tax money and state sponsorship has been spent on devolution advertising and marketing through organisations and spending programmes: government departments, tax funded political parties, education budgets, research grants, tax funded trade unions and front organisations.



 1 In 2010 ………….40/40 constituencies in Wales returned a Member of Parliament to sit in the United Kingdom Parliament. No Abstentionist candidates were elected.


  2 In 2010…………..59/59 constituencies in Scotland returned a Member of Parliament to sit in the United Kingdom Parliament. No Abstentionist candidates were elected. 


3 In 2011…………..36/100 electors in Wales participated in the Devolution Referendum.


4 In 2011…………..43/100 electors in Wales participated in the election to the Assembly.


 5 In 2011…………..50/100 electors participated in the election to the Scottish Parliament.







Devolution Effects

Devolution is dividing the United Kingdom - an electoral, territorial and institutional conflict has been created between different parts of the nation.


Devolution is not equitable - an elector in Newcastle has less power in their vote than an elector in Cardiff.


Devolution is bureaucratic - political structures which are a barrier to political and economic initiative.


Devolution is expensive - It costs the taxpayer millions that could be spent on Health, Education, Welfare of pensioners or other public good.




Devolution Expenditure Include's:



60 Assembly Member (AM's - Wales)



108 Member Legislative Assembly (MLA's - Northern Ireland)



129 Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP's - Scotland)



Salaries, Allowances, Official Cars, Buildings, Maintenance, Running Cost's, Elections, Office's, Special Advisors, etc................... 



 How Devolution Creates Division


Devolution creates differential representation - different powers, procedures and practice - between electors from different parts of the United Kingdom (and consequently their MP’s in  the House of Commons.). 


Common Representation


Common Representation means common reciprocal powers, procedures and practice between electors  from all constituencies in the United Kingdom (and consequently their MP’s in the House of Commons.).


Administrative Devolution



Administrative Devolution poses no threat to the United Kingdom. It does not devolve legislative authority or require elected political structures to be set up.

Administrative Devolution delegates administrative (decisionmaking) authority to either official organisations, local government, or individuals. It is equitable, organisationally efficient and tends towards lower cost.





20th Nov 2012 


Wales Silk Commission Does It's Work: UK Disintegration.


Wales Silk Commission (tax funded and state sponsored) proposes as expected further disintegration ofUnited Kingdomby transfer of tax powers to Welsh Assembly and of course, another .....referendum.


 17 Nov 2012


Victory Through Abstention.


 Electors sense that Police Commissioners are alien to the British parliamentary tradition  and refused to participate.


 Police Commissioner elections turnout: only 12/100 to 20/100 electors participate.


80/100 Electors refuse to participate in sham elections.


 Electors abstention power on the rise against the devo- parties.


Abstention becoming widespread across Devo, European elections and referendums.


Notes for Debate


 1 The introduction of  Police Commissioners are an attack on electors local representation  through local councils.


2 The Police Commissioner elections have added a further 41 elected politicians (on salaries of up to £100,000) to the current 1020 elected legislators in the United Kingdom taking the total to 1061 (not including local government).


 3 Attack on first past the post continues by the use of the supplementary vote in the Police Commisioner elections, it also an attempt to inflate the support for the winning candidate.


21st August 2012