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The British Unionist Party

(Registered as the United Kingdom Unionist Party)

was a small Glasgow based unionist party registered between 2015 and 2019.


In 2021 it's Manifesto remains a foundation document

(to be read in joint purpose with the "Not Going Back" statement - which should be considered an extension of the Manifesto - found at the above tab)

for the restoration of Great Britain as a Christian, Industrial Nation.


2021 Additions

Repeal Coronovirus Act 2020 (and associated measures)

x Repeal European Union Withdrawal Act 2020

Repeal Human Inteligence Act 2021

Repeal of  x policing 2021

Restoration of the

Covid Act

British Medical Institute

Great Britain Act

Expulsion Act

Repatriation Act

Treason Act

Reverse Immigration Act






Manifesto 2015-2019


1 Maintain the Union. 

   (Repeal Legislative Devolution, Restore Local Councils and Ban Referendums). 

 2  Stop Immigration.

3 Repeal the 1972 EuropeanCommunities Act. 

4  Increase British Army (From 78,000 to 500,000).

 5  Re-establish National Coal Board (NCB), Re-open Coal Pits and Build 18 Coal Fired Power Stations.

 6  Re-nationalise British Railways.

 7   Establish a High Street Nationalised British Savings Bank (BSB).

8 Establish a Ministry of Welfare.

 9 Establish a Mothers Home Allowance Payment.

 10 Abolish Student Fees and Introduce a British Student Bursary.


11 Establish Ministry of Territorial Affairs (Border and Immigration Control)  

12 Establish Territorial Police Force (Strength 120,000) to replace UK Border Force (Strength 8000) and

Replace UK Border Force Sea Vessels (current strength of 5) with a Territorial Police Maritime Fleet of

300 vessels.

13 Introduce: Flags and Emblems and Public Holidays Act.

14 Repeal Human Rights Act and Abolish Equalities and Human Rights Commission. 

15 Re-establish British Motor Corporation (BMC).


16 Re-establish Civil Defence Corps (Strength 330,000).

17 Unite Church of England and Church of Scotland in Established British Church. 

18 Repeal 1967 Abortion Act.

19 Re-establish and Re-nationalise British Steel. 

20 Establish Frontier (EnterExit) Population Movement System.


21 Build Additional 5 Aircraft Carriers.

22 Re-nationalise British Seaports and Airports.

23 Re-nationalise the National Grid.

24 Introduce: Emergency Census Act.

25 Abolish BBC Charter - Introduce a BBC Act.


26 Introduce: British Secondary Education Certificate O, H and A Level. 

27 Re-establish British Gas Corporation.

28 Establish British Water Corporation.

29 Re-nationalise Remploy (National Disabled Employment Organisation).

30 Re-establish British Shipbuilders.


31 Introduce: National Service Corps Act (Strength 200,000) .

 32 Introduce: Marriage Control Act.

 33 Introduce: National Employment (Dole Qualification) Act.

34 Introduce: Divorce Control Act.

 35 Build 70 Royal Navy Frigates.


36 Introduce: Local Police Act.

 37 Introduce: Council House Buyback Act.

 38 Introduce: Local Council Warden Act.

39 Abolish PFI.

40 Introduce: Special Police Forces Act.


41 Re-establish Harrier Jump Jet Fleet.

 42 Appoint a Chaplain to the Cabinet.

  43 Abolish MP’S salary (Introduce an MP Stipend £50,000).

  44 Abolish “Short Money” (No Public Money For Political Parties).

 45 Abolish Special Advisors.


46 Introduce: Charities Control and Registration Act.

  47 Introduce: Trades Union and Staff Associations Control and Registration Act.

  48 Introduce: Schools Act.

 49 Introduce: Universities and Colleges Act.

  50 Introduce: Special Constabulary Act (Strength 120,000).


51 Build 27 Destroyers (Current Fleet Strength 6).

52 Restore GP’s 24 Hour Responsibility for Patients.

 53 Establish British Electricity Board.

 54 Establish British Oil Fund.

55 Re-establish Sealink Ferries.


56 Re-establish British Railways Engineering Limited (BREL).

 57 Re-establish British Road Services (BRS).

58 Re-establishNational Engineering Laboratory (NEL).

 58 Re-establish Post Office National Network.

 60 Establish British Investment Bank.


61 Re-establish Territorial Army (Strength 230,000).

62 Increase Police Strength (From 153,000 To 200,000).

 63 Re-establish British Freight Group.

 64 Establish British Helicopter Corporation.

 65 Re-establish British Nuclear Fuels (BNF).


66 Re-establish British Science Group.

 67 Commission New Spitfire Fighter Aircraft.

 68 Commission New Lancaster Bomber Aircraft.

 69 Re-Establish and Re-Nationalise British Ports Authority.

 70 Establish a British Apprenticeship Council (BAC 200,000 Places).


71 Build 9 Dreadnought Battleships

 72 Establish National Emergency Organisation (NEO).

 73 Establish British Apprenticeship Council (BAC).

 74 Establish National Infrastructure Board.

 75 Establish National Energy Board.


76 Introduce: National Strategic Projects and Purchase Act.

 77 Introduce: Transport (Entry, Haulage and Speed) Act.

78 British Merchant Fleet (Build, Crew and Flag) Act.

 79 Expand Royal Fleet Auxiliary (From 9 to 39 Ships).

 80 Introduce: National Public Planning and Buildings Control Act

 (Including National Protected Interest Register (NPIR) Provision).


81 Introduce: Foreign Patient Insurance (Requirement of Entry) Act.

 82 Re-establish the Post of Matron in NHS.

83 Establish British Medical Scholarship.

 84 Introduce: Family Medical Support Payment.

 85 Re-nationalise the NHS Hygiene Service.


86 Establish an NHS Board.

 87 Establish a Public Medical Need Criteria.

 88 Introduce: a Welfare Act.

 (Unify NHS, Social Work, and Social Security)

 89 Introduce: Schools (Exclusion of Politics) Act.

 90 Introduce: Schoolteacher Approval Certificate.


 91 Introduce: Local Education Boards Act.

 92Establish National Curriculum Board.

 (Compulsory Subjects: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Religion, British History, Administration and Physical Education).

 93 Establish a National Education Materials Board.

 94 Establish British School Calendar.

 95 Establish a National School Buildings Board.

 (Including Public Built Schools and Restoration of Classrooms Provisions)


96 Introduce: Universities and National Colleges Act.

 97 Introduce: Crown, Technical and Further Education Colleges Act.

98 Introduce: Local Government Powers Act.

99 Establish a British Employment Board 

(Comprising: British Apprenticeship Council, Universities Council, National and Local Colleges Council, National Industrial and Commercial Training Council and Employment Medical Exemption Council).

100 Establish A Public Works Force (PWF).
































more to follow...