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The Union and The General Election of 2010 “fair, legal and decisive”.

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In January 2012, Mr Cameron called for a “fair, legal and decisive” decision on Scotland’s representation or non-representation in the Union Parliament.

Such a decision has already taken place.

On the matter of the Union, the General Election of May 2010 provided a “fair, legal and decisive” decision. The electorate in 59/59 constituencies in Scotland sent their MP’s (including 6 SNP) to go and sit in the Union Parliament – in other words to be part of the whole.

The 2011 devolved Scottish Parliament election outcome did not alter the 2010 General Election decision. While the Scottish Parliament is entitled by law to legislate on matters such as Health and Education policy it is not entitled by law to legislate on the matter of the Union.

No referendum is required. The electors make their decision in the General Election.