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20th Anniversary of Legislative Devolution

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 Campaigning for The Union, The British Constitution and Parliamentary Democracy. provides leading content on the dis-integration

of the United Kingdom.



 Stewart Connell on Radio Wales

 "20th Anniversay of Devolution Special" Jason Mohammad Programme

 15 min in



    Edmund Burke MP for Bristol 1774

(Dublin, Ireland. January 12, 1729 - Beaconsfield, England, July 9, 1797)

   “…Parliament is not a congress of ambassadors from different and hostile interests, which interests each must maintain, as an agent and advocate, against other agents and advocates; but parliament is a deliberative assembly of one nation, with one interest, that of the whole; where, not local purposes, not local not local prejudices ought to guide, but the general good, resulting from the general reason of the whole. You chose a member indeed; when you have chosen him, he is not a member of Bristol, but he is member of parliament…”


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 ... is a small campaign group based in Glasgow, dedicated to the Union, it works mostly in the constitutional and policy field conducting research and publishing articles and papers.

 The campaign has engaged with officials at the highest levels in parliament and government.

 Research papers by and endorsed by our campaign have been published by both House of Commons and House of Lords committee's and commission's (available on Parliament's website)

these include: the HOL Constitutional Committee and the HOC McKay Commission on Devolution. campaign continues to engage with  a broad range of media.


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 Stewart Connell on Radio Wales

 "20th Anniversay of Devolution Special" Jason Mohammad Programme

 15 min in



1st October 2017

Privacy and Property

Lip reading camera’s and data “clouds” (as well as the tracker and the increasing use of voice recorder’s in your tv and phone) and the large scale move to leasing, renting and hiring items are further steps towards a society with minimal privacy and minimal personally owned property. The immediate effect and future effect of these developments are matters for a government that is serious about it’s national duties.

A leasing society where most items are rented out and largely owned by corporations and individuals have few personally owned and held items including genetic signatures (except for debt) contributes further more to the rootless, silo, “identity fluid”, “identity neutral” society where a mass of universal, identity-less human bots serve a secular, supra-national corporate machine through the cult of “work” and the consumption of debt.

Only our nation state built upon our established Christian religion can resist the forces pushing towards this type of society.


23rd September 2017

 Part of our "What Kind of Union Do You Want?" Series

Part 9

The Immediate Bond.

 The average working week is 37 hours.

  The married mother and father, the home, the extended family, known neighbours, the lollipopman, the school, the church, regular and familiar architecture, the local council house scheme, the post office the GP, the local park with a park warden etc these are all aspects of of place and time and the immediate bonds and layers of identity. 

They represent the key formational elements of who we are and where we fit into our locality and nation and it’s life.

  The immediate bonds of life are put in place by the mother.

 Since the 1970’s there has been a drive by the Conservative and Labour parties to force mothers and women in general out from the home and the local neighbourhood, out from the nurturing of children and the provision of welfare to the older generations.

  These activities and attendant voluntary institutions encouraged the building of strong local friendships and social bonds.

 Pushing women out to work  has led to vast areas, schemes and estates in villages, towns and city suburbs being left empty, day in day out, as the mothers go to work in largely low paid and boring jobs with little attachment, they cannot all be Kirsty Wark or Emily Matliss

 (who we should remember are already very rich and are paid for out of our public purse).

  Today it is mostly the middle class that can stay at home and nurture their children while working class mothers are increasingly forced to leave their children and are conscripted into the cult of “work” activity.

 Most mothers do not want to work full time, for most it is of little satisfaction compared to the satisfaction and contentment of making a family home, raising a family or providing for the older generations. Such activity is certainly more valuable than boring repetitive work on a computer screen or a production line.

  It is these bonds of place and time that generate the immediate substance of Nationhood.

In a sense the nation is the family unit writ large.

  The absence of women from local life means that their true talents and skills are lost and that a hole in the local quilt and fabric of social unity and cohesion is created and expands over time.

 A common identity and mutual support network fails to appear.

 Without this invisible voluntary blanket and bank of kindness and goodness (and highly practical skill, talent and resource) many things do not happen and do not exist, friendships do not happen and voluntary organisations do not operate and function as they could in a village, a town or a neighbourhood.

37 hours which could have been spent putting human rich resources into the local fabric are in many case spent shuffling pointless bits of paper or digital records around in an office or shuffling things around in a factory. 

 As women have been forced into indentured labour the social bonds have dispersed and the local social bonds that existed even twenty years ago have gone.

 The children and the old have been offloaded into the industrialised private or state sector, all open to all the forced doctrines of the secular equality and diversity religion.

 The warmth of the free bonds of local and national compassion and kindness

 (once guided by our established Christian religion) in our voluntary behaviour, habits and institutions are now being replaced by the profit motive.

 It is the monetisation of kindness and free action.

  Those born, even into the 1980s can remember this society full of immediate social and national bonds. Those born after, have only (if they are lucky) the handed down (a good thing) stories of what it was like.

This society did exist because we can still remember it.

  In todays atomised dissolving society, silo lifestyles are lived in shallow social waters easily turned off like a tap. Without a deep and durable meaning or serious human connection, all is selfish and pleasure motivated and monetised.

 In deep social waters, in physical closeness and over time, it is necessary to “rub along” with each other as the greater affection and the greater common cause and recognised interest are more important than the particular difference even on important matters in themselves. We restrain ourselves in the common interest to (within reason) “keep the peace” in order to avoid what would be conflict and division.

 This is how close relationships work and this is how a nation works.

 This is how we live with each other in the common physical world.

  In silo lifestyles especially those lived largely through digital media this lesson is surplus to requirement.

 By separating mothers from their children and forcing them out of their home for 37 hours a week the Conservative and Labour parties are knowingly loosening the bonds of family and national life.

  They do this because it creates a population that is rootless, compliant, and pliable (not least in the economic field), increasingly at social war against itself and increasingly dependent on the secular state for coerced action, regulation and provision where previously free association and voluntary coordination existed.

 This pushing of women into cheap employment is compounded by late if any entries into marriage, no fault divorce and of course abortion.

 It need not be like this. Another Britain is possible, even now.

We can rebuild.

 We did it before.


 “The contention may, or may not be true. It cannot be denied, however that the conditions created by the war have made for a disintegration of family life. The call up of millions of men, married and single, for service in the armed forces, the recruitment of women, the necessity for maximum output of munitions, the evacuation of children from their homes, have been cumulative causes which have made inevitable a separation of members of families on a scale enormous in it’s proportions. It may be that the separation is only a temporary necessity. It might prove to have an evil after effect in the years that are to come. At any rate it is certainly a disturbing, distressing unsettling influence.

The talk to the women of the Empire broadcast by Her Majesty the Queen on April 11th was therefore both noteworthy and timely. Whilst paying a noble tribute to their astonishing work, quiet heroism and whole-hearted sacrifice in helping to win the war, Her Majesty emphasized the importance of their task as homemakers, and, maintaining the influence of religion in the home was paramount, declared her conviction that it is upon the strength of the people’s spiritual life that the right building of the national life depends “ I look forward to a great rebuilding of family life as soon as the war ends,” Her Majesty stated. If our homes can be truly Christian, then the influence of that spirit will assuredly spread like leaven through all aspects of our common life, industrial, social and political.”

Her Majesty’s plain simple address needs no interpretation. It call’s for no comment other than that, in these tragic times, when our Christian heritage is threatened by adverse influences, we may well thank God that the “first lady of our land” has been moved to remind us that in religion alone can be found the source and mainspring of the courage and selflessness that the times demand and that the home is the foundation upon which the Christian religion is built.

  North Tyne Magazine Volume 54 May 1943

... is a small campaign group based in Glasgow, dedicated to the Union, it works mostly in the constitutional and policy field conducting research and publishing articles and papers.


 The campaign has engaged with officials at the highest levels in parliament and government.


 Research papers by and endorsed by our campaign have been published by both House of Commons and House of Lords committee's and commission's (available on Parliament's website)


these include: the HOL Constitutional Committee and the HOC McKay Commission on Devolution. campaign continues to engage with  a broad range of media.




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Our Position


Legislative devolution has created an electoral, territorial and institutional conflict.

It is breaking up the United Kingdom.

Legislative devolution wastes resouces.


We support administrative devolution.

England is governed though administrative devolution.


We must: 

1. Repeal legislative devolution.

The Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly, the Welsh Assembly (and the London Assmbly) must be abolished.


All powers and functions must be returned to national government and local councils.

Only the 129 MSP's, 90 MLA and 60 AM and all their political staff must be sacked.

 All other employee's to be retained in the public sector.

All devolved public staff must be retained and merged into the British civil service or local council employment.


2. Introduce administrative devolution (restore local council powers) across the United Kingdom.

20 subject matters (Mandatory, permisive and regulatory powers) given to all local councils

(abolish Proportional Representation (PR) across councils and the restore"first past the post" method of election for local council's).




Police Reserve

Fire Brigade

Auxiliary Fire Brigade

Economic Planning

Emergency Planning

Civil Defence Planning

Public Realm Planning

Transport Planning

Ceremonial Planning

Trading Standards

Public Health

Public Regulation

Public Housing









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Union Glue


  The Union, Referendums and the EU


  The United Kingdom From Parliamentary Democracy

 to Despotic State in Five Years 2012-2017


 by Stewart Connell




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From the Front Line of Devolution:


The Devolution News That They Do Not Want You To Know:




 18th August 2017


London Devolution supports the abolition of the London Assembly and the post of London Mayor.


 We support the establishment of a London Council composed of representatives from the 12 inner London boroughs.


 The other 20 outer London boroughs would revert to a pre-1965 status as independent boroughs.


 The London Assembly was created by the Labour Party and supported by the Conservative Party in the year 2000.


With no primary legislative powers the Assembly remains just inside the definition of administrative devolution.


We still oppose it for three main reasons


1 It is an attempt to break up the UK by creating a "devolution" culture in the UK especially across England with "regional" counterweights to the legislative devolution in Scotland, Norther Ireland and Wales.


 2 It is an attempt to "politicise" London by providing it with a centralised political machine that will act as a platform for future divison from the national polity.


3 We support existing and previously established "near and close" local government, full of local identity and character not centrally imposed (flatpack) "metropolitan regions", "city regions" or "powerhouse" cliche's. These exist only to take power away from local councils and impose "regional brands".




17th August 2017


 Yorkshire “Devolutiton”


 Yorkshire has 5.4 million residents.


 Yorkshire economy is worth £110 billion a year (twice the size of Wales and 13 Eurostate countries).


  August the 1st was Yorkshire Day and there was a renewed demand for “devolution” for Yorkshire.


 Conservative Party “Northern Powerhouse” minister Jake Berry said “I want to be very clear about one thing. There will not be a “full Yorkshire” deal. Yorkshire is a fantastic brand (our italics). But devolution is about giving control to cities.


 Mr Berry is of course talking about administrative devolution (local government arrangements) not the “devolution” the Conservative Party (and Labour) inflicted upon Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.




17th August 2017


 Not Funny


David Davis is a senior Conservative cabinet minister.


  He is allegedly in charge of getting the UK out of the EU.


  Rather than apply himself to this objective he decided to play “straightman” to Alex Salmond’s “funnyman” in Salmond’s Edinburgh Festival Show.


  They had a great time, laughing and joking.


 This highlights how seriously the establishment views the condition of our country.


They are rich and in power. They do not care.


 Meanwhile the nation is disintegrating in front of us and the British working class are in mass poverty attempting to feed themselves every week.




16th August 2017




   The Conservative Party (having stood on a manifesto in 2015 to stay in the EU) locked the UK into Article 50 in March 2017.


In doing so the UK is now at a negotiating disadvantage and bit by bit is dancing to the tune of the EU and it's agents.


The abolition of the UK's national frontier otherwise known as "free movement of people", the securing of the UK's land frontier with the Republic of Ireland and the UK's trade pattern are now all locked into the Article 50 procedure.


Article 50 was created by the EU, favours the EU and is under the jurisdiction of the EU.


We must get out.


We must repeal the 1972 European Communites Act immediately, rebuild and negotiate from


a position of strength.




12th August 2017




  The full force of the Eurostate is now engaged in an attempt to breach the United Kingdom frontier.


The UK Border Force (8,000 staff and 5 vessels) must be urgently replaced with a Territorial Defence Force consisting of 120,000 staff and 300 vessel's and infrastructure). 






12th August 2017


The Constitution Remembered


The Conservative and Labour parties want the British people to forget their provenance, their history and their constitution.


At we remember them.


12th of August (New Calender) the Relief of the Siege of Derry 1688-1689.


Search for further detail.






12th August 2017




  Without the Reformation there would be no United Kingdom.

 among many others celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.


 On the 31st of October 1517 Martin Luther hammered his 95 Theses onto the doors of of All Saints' Church in Wittenberg in Germany beginning the Reformation.


  The religious and political events that followed this action changed the course of human history.


  In the United Kingdom our identity, authority, territory and liberty have all been forged by this event.


 Without the Reformation the British Isles would have remained inside the orbit of power of the Roman Catholic Church and European kingdoms and principalities.


  The Glorious Revolution of 1688-1690 secured Great Britain and Ireland for the Protestant religion, Parliamentary democracy, the rule of law and our civil liberties.


Martin Luther


 I am bound by the Scriptures I have quoted and my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and I will not retract anything, since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience. I cannot do otherwise, here I stand, may God help me, Amen.


Luther at the Diet of Worms (1521)




 A number of events, services and seminars are taking place across the United Kingdom to mark Reformation 500.


 Please search for further details.






 12th August 2017


 Thought You Were British?


 The Conservative Party’s new “settled” status category for EU citizens provides them (3-5 million presently here or shortly to be here) with near complete British nationality, it is not just a temporary technical measure it is and is meant to be, a decisive blow to the concept of British nationality and nationhood.


  It is about the dissolving of the means of authorised, self recognition and the identification of the British.


  The “settled” status category is the latest and most comprehensive measure designed to permit entry and rapid entry at that, to millions while ensuring that upon entry they are near indistinguishable from British nationals.






12th August 2017


 The Conservative Party


 (Serving The Foreign Interest - Always).


 With no respect for our nation, it’s independence, it’s history or it’s dignity, the Conservative Party continue to represent the foreign interest in the United Kingdom.


  On the 5th August 2017 the Conservative Party Prime minster Theresa May and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson gave permission for the Primeminister of the Republic of Ireland to enter into the United Kingdom and campaign for a policy to be legislated for in the United Kingdom.


 During the EU membership referendum in 2016 the then Primeminister of the Republic of Ireland was permitted entry into the United Kingdom (by the then Conservative Party Primeminster and Foreign Secretary) to campaign for the United Kingdom to remain in the EU.


This is the Conservative Party - this is what they do.






 12th August 2017


As marks the 20th Anniversary of Legislative Devolution we are pleased to publish this article from Stephen Bailey, a history graduate from Surrey.


  Please contact us if you would like us to consider an article for publication.


 We have a dedicated and influential audience across the United Kingdom and overseas.




Devolution and Independence


 (We are being deceived, lied to and misled.)


  Britain is being continuously lied to about the whole process of constitutional change. At the beginning, in the late 1990's,the government of Blair assured us time and time again that devolution would be 'an event'(IE a one off happening) and not a process, or more or less continuous series of changes. The Scots, Welsh and the Province of Northern Ireland would get a parliament or assembly with devolved powers but this would be 'within the UK' and the House of Commons would retain responsibility for major issues (finance, foreign policy, the army ETC).


 This hasn't been adhered to. Over the years subsequent to devolution all the devolved bodies, but especially the Scottish parliament(and to a significant but lesser degree, the Northern Ireland Assembly) have slowly but surely accreted more and more new powers to themselves until we get to the current position where the Scottish parliament will have the highest degree of devolved autonomy that exists anywhere in the world(after the latest Scotland Bill comes into force).We shouldn't be surprised at this as Tam Dalyell predicted this happening back in the 1970's during House of Commons debates on an earlier, similarly mad, attempt at devolution. Tam was a proud Scotsman who often fiercely and intelligently fought for Scotland's interests in the Commons against all(especially English MP's) who took Scotland for granted or who treated her unfairly and/or patronisingly, much to the chagrin of those people guilty of such actions. He fought Scotland's corner in the Commons with great pugnacity and intelligence. However he realized that blinkered nationalism would lead Scotland into disaster. He also realized that Scotland's best interests lay in maintaining the Union. e dismissed devolution as '...a one-way highway to independence with no roundabouts or turnoffs'. In his later years he criticized devolution as unworkable as it is in the nature of devolved assemblies to continuously attract more power to themselves, ending in the demand for independence. And look how true that turned out to be.


During the debate in Parliament in the mid-late 70's on devolution Tam attacked devolution as unworkable as he thought that two parliaments in one country would simply lead to conflict over who controls what. Having two parliaments in a unitary country leads to the devolved region breaking away from the other part of the country as the two provinces can't agree on who controls what and as the devolved region accretes more and more powers to itself it gains the(often false) impression that it can go it alone-it seeks independence. Again, recent experience has proved him right.


 The Scottish independence question has been beset with lies and distortions from all sides.The SNP simply told(and continues to tell) one bold face lie after another in order to bamboozle the Scots into voting for independence. It's now obvious that they did this because they had no concrete policies for the post-referendum period if they won. Vague promises built on sand was all they offered(with a good dose of extremely unpleasant anti-English rhetoric). Luckily the sensible Scots saw through their mad plans. But even the 'Unionists' have misled us. Cameron's 'Conservatives' weren't really Unionists and indeed actually believed that it would be good for Scotland to leave the Union as this would mean that they would rule the rump UK in perpetuity as they could easily get a substantial majority in the Commons if Labour voting Scotland is removed from the electoral equation. His successor, Theresa May is no different, and, whilst saying publicly that she doesn't think that a second Scottish independence referendum is needed has made no firm commitment to the Union and gives the impression that she would not defend it if Sturgeon started banging the independence drum again. She is cut from the same patrician cloth as Cameron and would simply cave in to the SNP's demands for another referendum. What's more, even though she didn't have to, she would respect the result. She can't be trusted to maintain the Union. Corbyn's neo-Trotskyite Labour Party is indifferent towards the Union and this is highlighted by his assertion that '...I am not a Unionist'.


The so-called 'Conservative and Unionist Party' are the worst of them all. Before the 2014 Scottish independence referendum Cameron promised that a 'no' vote would settle the question 'for a generation'(25-30 years?).He asserted repeatedly that this was a 'one off deal' and that this didn't set a precedent that would enable future referenda to be held .After the nearly 2-1 'no' vote he re-asserted this. He called the vote 'decisive'. Then, In order to frighten people into voting for staying in the EU he brought up the bogeyman of a second Scottish independence referendum if we left. Sheer scare mongering and hypocrisy. He knows he has the legal power (from both the original devolution Acts and the Smith Commission Report recommendations) to rule out a second Scottish referendum. It is perfectly clear from both the original devolution Bill and the later Smith Commission that the House of Commons retains full jurisdiction over constitutional matters, including the calling of referenda, not Holyrood. All this threatening of a second Scots referendum vividly displays the Conservatives real lack of honesty about the constitutional change issue-they have no real intention of sticking to Cameron's original 'one off deal' pledge and will simply cave in to future demands for referenda from the SNP. Their misplaced patrician gentlemanliness means that even though they have the legal right to they won't deny the Scots future referenda if they ask. They can't be trusted on this issue.


 We have been continuously lied to and misled from day one about constitutional change by everybody involved in the process and their deceit will lead the UK to ruin, unless we stop them.


  © 2016 Stephen Bailey.




 12th August 2017 




 At we have over the years referred to the shifting of the political plates in the United Kingdom.


  We regard the political manifestations and trends of the past five years are evidence of this.


 Some unionists are now content after the general election result and are happy to be cheerleaders for the Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties ( the very same parties that took us to the precipice of complete dis-integration and political chaos not even three years ago). These parties represent the foreign interest in the United Kingdom. They all support mass immigration, devolution, membership of the Eurostate, secularism, de-industrialisation, mass debt etc.


 100 years after the emergence of the Labour Party to become a principal party of the nation (replacing the Liberal Party) it is now vital that a new party emerges as a principal party.


  This time the political powershift is not about a shift in working class and labour representation inside the nation it is about the very survival of the British nation state itself.






12th August 2017 


Welcome Back






29th July 2017


20th Anniversary of Legislative Devolution Series


 Part 2


 The Division Bell




Conservative Manifesto 1997


  “… the development of new assemblies in Scotland and Wales would create strains which could well pull apart the Union. That would create a new layer of government which would be hungry for power. It would risk rivalry and conflict between these parliaments or assemblies and the parliament at Westminster. And it would raise serious questions about whether the representation of Scottish and Welsh MPs at Westminster - and their role in matters affecting English affairs - could remain unchanged…”


 Seldom has a manifesto so accurately predicted the outcome of a particular policy initiative and warned against it.


  Unfortunately, for the entire United Kingdom, the Conservative Party ditched it's opposition to legislative devolution only 4 months and 10 days after the general election.


The division of the United Kingdom had begun.


As the result of the referendum on devolution in Scotland was broadcast, the Conservative Party surrendered and declared it’s support for legislative devolution. Rather than hold to it’s established position and prepare for the long haul of political work and persuasion, the Conservative Party fell to it’s knee’s to worship at the alter of legislative devolution and the referendum device.


 With serious old guard “high Tories”, who did understand the implications of legislative devolution for the Union now few in number, hardly any Conservative’s even thought about the Union.


 Any mention of the Union in most Conservative meetings was met with a laugh and a swift “let us move on” to the next subject.


 The lack of depth of conviction and thought in the Conservative Party on the Union meant it was easy for the “New” Labour Party to take a devolutionist approach to the matter and be led by the federalist, separatist and republican forces inside and outside of it. New Labour like the Conservative Party was now all about money.


 The authority to begin the experiment in legislative devolution on the mainland of the United Kingdom was exercised in the general election on the 1st of May 1997. The Labour Party under Blair had included a commitment to it in their manifesto, provided referendums in Scotland and Wales took place to ensure “popular endorsement”.


  The referendum device itself was to be part of a new constitutional doctrine which would raise the referendum device to a new “gold standard” in democracy (20 years later this would lead to a conflict between Parliamentary general election (2015) and a referendum result (2016), on the matter of European Union membership, a conflict only resolved by another general election in 2017). Labour’s post war Leader and Prime minister Clement Attlee, had warned about such a conflict and described the referendum mechanism as “alien to all our (parliamentary) traditions” but in 1997, New Labour was intent that the referendum device would assist it preventing the House of Commons acting as a brake (it’s constitutional job) on the executive. The referendum device would be increasingly be presented as a counter authority to parliamentary authority and the matter of the Union in 1997 was the ideal subject for New Labour to begin its reintroduction of the referendum mechanism, which had not been used in the United Kingdom for 18 years since the last devolution experiment in 1979.


Labour Manifesto 1997


  As soon as possible after the election, we will enact legislation to allow the people of Scotland and Wales to vote in separate referendums on our proposals, which will be set out in white papers. These referendums will take place not later than the autumn of 1997. A simple majority of those voting in each referendum will be the majority required. Popular endorsement will strengthen the legitimacy of our proposals and speed their passage through Parliament.”


“For Scotland we propose the creation of a parliament with law-making powers, firmly based on the agreement reached in the Scottish Constitutional Convention, including defined and limited financial powers to vary revenue and elected by an additional member system. In the Scottish referendum we will seek separate endorsement of the proposal to create a parliament, and of the proposal to give it defined and limited financial powers to vary revenue. The Scottish parliament will extend democratic control over the responsibilities currently exercised administratively by the Scottish Office.”


 Labour’s victory opened the door to national division and dissolution. From May 1st 1997, bit by bit, power, patronage, status and money would flow to the devolved institutions, under the sponsorship of the Labour and Conservative parties not the SNP, (later installments both the Scotland Act 2012 and Scotland Act 2016 would take further substantial powers from the British Parliament and place them into the devolved parliament which now would have a “government” and not an “executive”, the nomenclature had changed to meet the rising status of the institution. The push for “parliamentary parity” was now on (even though the British Parliament is the sovereign parliament and the Scottish Parliament is the devolved one). The idea of the United Kingdom as a “family of nations”, an informal federal entity increasingly took hold, especially in the Conservative Party, for it avoided the party having to confirm that the United Kingdom actually still is a constitutional and legal integral and unitary parliamentary nation.


By 1997 however the matter of the Union had been neglected to such an extent that many did not even care about the Union (this was especially the case with politicians - elected in 1997 Theresa May’s “precious, precious Union” does not even rate a mention in her political life until she is Prime minister in 2016) while at the same time the Union was so familiar and taken for granted in general that to suggest or even question that it should be brought to an end and dissolved was not taken seriously until 15 years later on the 8th January 2012 when Conservative Prime minister David Cameron launched a referendum in which it was proposed that the United Kingdom be dissolved on the night of the 18th of September 2014.




 20th Anniversary of Legislative Devolution Series


 Part 3


 “Referendums Everywhere”






22nd July 2017  


20th Anniversary


of Legislative Devolution will be marking the 20th anniversary of the introduction of legislative devolution into mainland UK through a series of special articles (Part 1 can be found below) and activities (further information to follow). 


We will highlight the division and waste that legislative devolution has brought into British politics and why we must have nothing less than repeal.






20th Anniversary of Legislative Devolution Series


 Part 1 


A Warning Ignored.








In 1997 there was no legislative devolution on the mainland of the United Kingdom. All government and administration took place through national government channels and for some delegated matters local council channels. This system is called administrative devolution.


This system remains in place in England.


  Administrative devolution provided accountable and effective local government and administration of the public realm. 


With administrative devolution there was: no devolved legislative powers, no third tier of government, no additional layer of devolved politicians (today 279 of them exist on three sites with a vast apparatus of political staff and substantial political budgets paid for by the British taxpayer), no territorial institution’s to aggregate powers to themselves and increasingly claim a status as a proto or embryonic state and of course no political personality to challenge the British Parliament for authority.


Administrative devolution worked well, very well.


It built the entire physical infrastructure of the United Kingdom that we know today.


  In the 1970s and 1980s, the anti-devolutionists in both the Conservative and Labour parties warned that the introduction of legislative devolution into the United Kingdom, an integral and unitary parliamentary nation would lead to it’s dis-integration.


  20 years after it’s introduction, we can now see the evidence in front of us that the anti-devolutionist’s were right.


 Legislative devolution has introduced a territorial, electoral and institutional conflict into the United Kingdom and in the space of just 17 years the United Kingdom was taken from being a "strong and stable" nation to the edge of complete destruction by the political forces unleashed by legislative devolution.


The referendum on the Union in 2014, initiated by the Conservative party, not the SNP, is only the first direct challenge between the British Parliament and the devolved institutions.


  Unless and until legislative devolution is repealed the next referendum on the Union is not that far away.




 On the 1st of May 1997 the Labour Party was elected to government on a manifesto which included the introduction of legislative devolution in mainland United Kingdom.


  On the 11th of September 1997 the Labour government held referendums (state sponsored opinion polls) on devolution in Scotland and Wales.


  While neither referendum result contained a majority of the electorate, (devolution was not a burning issue for most electors in Scotland or Wales or in any part of the UK, who were more concerned about jobs, poverty and housing rather than some new fangled governmental arrangements for more politicians and another tier of government) but encouraged and comforted by the entire political establishment cheerleading for devolution, out of those that did vote, a majority supported the introduction of legislative devolution.


 It may have been expected that faced with such a radical and dangerous constitutional alteration to the unitary fabric of the Nation, the Conservative Party would provide opposition and rally forces against it, however the opposite was the case.


  As the result of the refendum was announced and broadcast, the Conservative Party (which had been wiped out in Scotland in the general election in May ) which had previously opposed legislative devolution (although increasingly it did not know why it did) immediately surrendered centuries of unionism and reversed it’s policy and embraced devolution with the zeal of the new convert.


(Since the 11th of September 1997 no principal party in the United Kingdom now supports the actual existing constititutional and legal form of the United Kingdom as an integral and unitary parliamentary nation).


  The referendum result provided a convenient political cover for the Conservative Party to retreat from having to go through the motions of even having to think seriously about the Union nevermind having to defend it. 


For decades the Conservative Party had regarded the Union as a distraction, a nuisance, a troublesome relic from the past just like the other heavy responsibilities of nationhood that it had no interest in. 


It could now finally cast off unionism and concentrate on it’s prime concern and interest: money.


 Devolution would also provide the Scottish Conservative Party with elected representation and public money to run it's organisation. Devolution’s gerrymandered proportional representation system of 129 MSP’s (72 constituencies and 57 “list” MSP’s) and generous financial support for political parties had arrived at just the right time for the Scottish Conservative Party.


 No wonder there were so many happy Scottish Conservatives at the Conservative Conference in Blackpool in 1997.




Next in the


20th Anniversary of Legislative Devolution Series


 Part 2


 “The Division Bell”












15th July 2017 


The Hollow Union


 A few months ago we ran a series on


“What kind of Union do you want?”


 At we reject the secular Union favoured by others.


 We believe in maintaining the Christian, Protestant religion as the national and established religion.


 Our country was built on it.


 (We further believe that the Church of England and the Church of Scotland should complete their union that begun in the 17th century but that is for another day.)


 The emergence of the idea of a secular Union is part of the "progressive revolution agenda.


The record of the secular Union from 1960 is one of national failure, decline and disintegration.


 It was crowned on the 1st May 1997 (year zero) by the election of Tony Blair (how did he get elected when today it is very difficult to meet a single person who admits that they voted for him? It is like the recent Radio Scotland programme that appealed for callers who would admit that they had voted Conservative in the general election, not a single one phoned in to admit it.)


 Blair’s election was the victory of the "progressive" revolution of the 1960’s in 1997, 30 years after its




 Armed with secularism, de-industrialisation and funny money debt accounts (and assisted by Mrs Thatcher – the proto Blair) the British were to be encouraged into throwing away their Christian Protestant religion and it’s precepts including self-control and material prudence.


 30 years later having indulged in the secular and debtfest based lifestyle there is little left of the


“strong and stable” nation state that existed in say 1959.


 Morally (upon which everything else must be based), socially, economically, politically and constitutionally nearly everything now has been thrown away.


 (see above Vassal Territory Blog Page: Entry 20 The Party’s Over, Entry 21 Throwing It All Away and Entry 59 Tidy Up).


 The Union is now hollow.


 We are now witnessing how hollow it is, as we even think about emerging blinking into the sunlight from our captivity in the Eurostate after 44 years.


 Where have all the British people gone? Where are our churches? Where are our men? Where are our soldiers? Where are our ships? Are we still an island? Where are the mothers pushing prams and children playing and making friends in the streets? Where are our coal pits, Where are or industries and power stations? Where are our police? Where are our old folk? Where are our spacious and ordered streets?


They have gone.


Putting Our Country Back Together Again










15th July 2017 


 Conservative and Labour Coalition? It’s Already Here.


 The Leader of the Conservative Party has appealed to the Labour Party to join together to get legislation through Parliament.


 While the Conservative Party appeals to the Labour Party for agreement, ideas  and joint action it overlooks the 50 year old agreement already in place across all the principle matters in the United Kingdom.


 This includes the covert joint action to get the legislation for the referendum on the Union (the Scotland Act (Modification Order 2013) through both Houses with no green paper, no white paper, no bill, no constitutional debate on the floor of the HOC in committee (the normal method for important constitutional legislation), no dissent, no division, no vote.


The Order was passed unanimously in a matter of hours in the HOC and then the same happened the next day in the HOL.


The only opposition to this, the most important piece of legislation ever to appear before the British Parliament was from which challenged it through the Constitutional Committee of the HOL and other parliamentary and government channels.


The challenge remains recorded for posterity through Parliaments and the Constitutional Committee’s records.


 Across all the the moral, social, economic, political and constitutional matters facing our country the Conservative and Labour parties and their corporate and media machines are deeply and covertly united in pushing through the “progressive” revolution policies of the 1960’s.


 This continues to be the case under Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.


It does not matter who you vote for you will get the same principle






Mass Immigration


Membership of the Eurostate (we are still in)




Mass Abortion


Mass poverty


Mass debt


Mass Lonliness




 At we welcome the explicit call for open joint action, we oppose the fake division between these parties, there is far more that unites them than divides them.


 They are one party joined by an unwritten but understood manifesto dedicated to the “progressive” revolution and the consequent ruin and disintegration of the United Kingdom.


 It’s not political unity we need it’s political division.


 A division between one political constellation (party) representing the failed policies of the past 50 years and a new constellation (party) representing the policies that can restore and rebuild our country.


Unless and until we have this political division the electorate cannot make their choice and the United Kingdom will continue to disintegrate in front of us.




Support Our View ? Support Our Work.












4th July 2017 


Pie In The Sky? 


One month after the general election and there are still a number in the unionist commentariat that continue to attack the SNP rather than the Conservative Party.


 The SNP are innocent.


  There are three simple reasons why.


 1 We have a parliamentary representative democratic constitution, it is impossible for a referendum to legally break up the United Kingdom.


 2 The SNP do not have the authority in the devolved parliament to initiate a referendum.


3 The SNP can never have the numbers in the HOC to initiate a referendum on their own.


 It is the Conservative Party along with their fellow devo-junkie’s in the Labour and Liberal parties that initiated a referendum on the Union not the SNP.


 Quite apart from legislative devolution (which generates separation rather than administrative devolution, which poses no threat to the Union) the Conservative Party is also engaged in dissolving the United Kingdom in many other ways.


 As the saying goes “there are many ways to skin a cat”




 The Conservative Party (and Labour and Liberals re: Mr Farron)


 is engaged in replacing our established Christian religion


 (the foundation of our society)


 with the godless equality and diversity religion and enforcing it in the public sector and in the private sector.


Mass Immigration


 The Conservative Party, informed the Eurostate potentates (before they told the British Parliament) that a newly invented “settlement status” would be created to provide a virtual British nationality to the (official numbers) 3 million EU citizens that are here never mind those who are not officially here or who can get here pronto. A number of 5 million is nearer the mark.


  Economic Disintegration


 The price of the Chinese Hinkley power station approved by Theresa May only last year is already on the rise and you are paying.




These are just three examples of how the Conservative Party etc are dissolving the Nation


in non-constitional ways.


  In our British Parliamentary democracy the SNP are entitled to campaign for separation and to become a statelet in the Eurostate.


 The threat to the United Kingdom’s existence comes from the Conservative Party not the SNP.


 Cheerleading for the Conservative Party explicitly or subliminally


 is to give them strength and comfort, while they continue to dissolve the Nation.




There is only one option for the United Kingdom or it is completely finished, over, done.


  A new party dedicated to the British interest must form and emerge and secure power. 


 For some unionists this is pie in the sky.


  For them, if we are nice to the Conservative Party then it might be nice to Britain and might treat us a little bit better.


  For them a new party is not practical, it would be a waste of time and effort.


It would cause political division and would take too long.




At we disagree.


 In France today a new party has come to power.


  It won the Presidency of France.


 It has just won an absolute majority of seats in the National Assembly.


 The party was founded on the 6th April 2016












17 June 2017


 Powder Keg


 One week on from the general election and nothing has changed.


 The Conservative and Labour parties remain the principal parties of power.


  The United Kingdom remains on course for complete disintegration.


  In the past five years the country has moved from active planned decay to a fast moving loose dissolution in the moral, social, economic, political, constitutional, and governmental dimensions.


 From our perspective at, the Conservative and Labour parties, the parties that are the political vehicles for the dissolution of Britain and who introduced legislative devolution and the referendums on the Union, have regrettably gained strength from tactical voting.


  The “threat” of the SNP introducing another referendum was and is fiction and an effective piece of Conservative Central Office theatre.


  A brief check of the Scotland Act 1998 will clear up that matter.


  The SNP can never win a majority  in the HOC


 (it can only ever win 59/650 seats)


 and it can never initiate a referendum on the Union


(the legal and constitutional authority to do so remains only in the HOC)


 It continues to be the case that only an amalgamation of the Conservative and Labour parties can get a referendum through the HOC and indeed that is what they did with the Scotland Act (Modification) Order 2013.


 The tactical voting project has strengthened the parties responsible for the referendum.


 The referendum device will reappear shortly and it will be the Conservative and Labour parties that will champion it.


 It remains a valuable weapon in the political armoury of the “progressive” movment.


 Only “tactical voting” for a new national unionist party armed with a broad manifesto of restoration and renewal will provide unionists with what they want.


  Meanwhile those who did vote Conservative or Labour are now complicit, having endorsed those parties manifesto’s and policies.


 The snowball of political chaos that is now British politics is gathering pace.


  Labour has called for people to “get out on the street’s” and protest against the Conservative government on July 1st while the Conservative Party attempts to news manage it’s way through until tomorrow, throw in all the national divison caused by the policies of the past fifty years and civil strife and public disorder (over and above the conveniently forgotten 2011 riots) is not too far away.


 At we have warned for years of the United Kingdom’s exposure on a number of fronts, not least regarding power supply (including digital money), public infrastructure (including transport and water supply) and the serious absence of sufficient (in some cases non existent) police, army, civil defence, territorial army, police reservist, numbers, organisation (local and national), equipment, plans and facilities and other resources that are essential for the United Kingdom to protect and defend the British people in a time of local, regional or national emergency.


The country is a powder keg waiting for a match.






The United Kingdom is dis-integrating. What can you do ?




British Unionist Party


 Putting Our Country Back Together




New members welcome from across the United Kingdom.








12 June 2017


Unionists Not Conservatives


Part 3


Stewart Connell on Radio Scotland


 Kaye Adams Programme 12 June 2017


about 15m in.




12 June 2017


Staying In


 While supports getting out the EU we oppose the referendum mechanism because it is an "alien" device.


We regard the referendum as a opinion poll containing no authority.


We hold the view that the only way the UK will leave the EU is by a party commiting to do so in it’s general election manifesto and defeating another party that wants to stay in.


This is how our parliamentary democracy works and how the British people get their elected political representation.


A referendum is a cold paper snapshot of opinion.


In a referendum no one is elected so no representation can take place.


The Conservative and Labour pro EU establishment today remain in charge.


They are engaged in keeping us in.




12 June 2017 


 Homo Superior


 At we can see the politics of the 1960’s in the current political outfall of the general election.


 Anything associated with the Christian religion and national authority is now targeted as a threat to the “progressive revolution” of the 1960’s.


Which of course it is.


Even the word morality is now regarded by many as a hate word, it is now widely found with inverted commas around it to warn those of a liberal and progressive inclination that the writer is with them, that the writer too regards the word as archaic, out of time, judgemental and full of unspoken hate. Morality is a word – like many others – that has no place in this new socially advanced and higher utopia, this new age.


The advocates of the “progressive” revolution have always thought of themselves as the vanguard of a new age and a new way of living, in the words of the song, “the dawning of the age of Aquarius”.


They thought, and still do, that they were a new level of human development, the homo-superior, superior to that which existed – the Saps (homo-saps).


The self appointed next stage of human evolution.


You can still watch them every night presenting Newsnight or the Channel 4 News.


  From the 1960s, rather than the emergence of a homo superior what was actually taking place was simply the cultural and artistic manifestation of twenty years of post war, peace, relative prosperity, full employment, the end of conscription and national service and commercial progress.


 The Conservative and Labour parties, the establishment in general and the established church in particular, did not possess the will by the early 1960’s to repel and contain this largely commercial and artistic social mood which flowed into politics and provided a alternative cultural background to a political agenda hostile to the established constitutional order and dedicated to the dissolution of the United Kingdom’s Christian foundations, it’s social, and economic infrastructure, it’s authority and it’s integrity.


 The 1960s “progressive” generation had it very good but only had contempt for their country. An NHS available from birth, council housing, good school, full employment, if they were talented enough they could go to university, many got longterm reasonably paid employment (many in the nationalised industries and expanding educational sector), afford to get married and have a family, go holidays and have a good standard of living.


 They have ruined it for most of those who came after them.


 For some – the children and grandchildren of the original homo superiors, they are still rich enough to indulge in their homo superior lifestyle away from or insulated from the British working class and the decay of the inner cities and outlying towns.


 In the June 2017 general election patterns, we can look at the past fifty years and observe the moral, social, economic and political wasteland that has been created by politicians indulging the homo-superior’s in their selfish policies and watch as the last elements that made Great Britain are thrown into the fire.






David Bowie “Pretty Young Things”


The Tomorrow People (1972 ITV childrens programme)




11th June 2017


Unionists Not Conservatives


Part 2


 They Have Made Their Bed, They must Lie In It.


 The 12 new Scottish Conservative MP’s are now in the fealty of the party.


 They have made their own individual choice and rather than serve the British interest they have now sworn their allegiance to their feudal lord, the Conservative Party and all of it’s works.




 11th June 2017


 Getting Out


The Article 50 process and timeframe should never have been accepted.


It places power in the hands of the EU.


The 1972 European Communites Act must be repealed immediately.


A commitment can then be given to “mirror” EU legislation for a period decided by the British government.


This will give the British government the power and the initiative to enter and negotiate in trade talks.




11th June 2017




 The DUP support legislative devolution.


 The only price the DUP should place on giving support to the Conservative Party is that Northern Ireland is governed in the same form as England.


 By not doing so they place the Union in further danger.




Unionists Not Conservatives


Part 1


The Scottish Conservative Party is crawing that it has won 12 seats. reminds the Scottish Conservative Party that the new votes it recieved were Unionist votes not Conservative votes.




10th June 2017 


What Can You Do?


 The moral, social, economic, political, constitutional and now the governmental dis-integration that we are witnessing will continue and it will get worse.


 Apart from the political “stuff” general day to day activities are becoming more difficult even getting to work for millions is now a serious logistical exercise.


 There is no escape, unless you have lots of money and can hide behind big walls or go out in a big car or you can go on very long holidays (we recommend Spain) or emigrate.


 If escape for you is not a credible option then what can you practically do?


 We recommend you join or donate to a new political party that offers  a manifesto that addresses the principal matters facing our country today.


 The only way to stop this and reverse the damage of the past 50 years is by the formation of a new national political party with a broad manifesto dedicated national restoration and renewal.


 We recommend the small Glasgow based British Unionist Party (BUP).


 It is registered with the Electoral Commission and is open to all across the United Kingdom who support, in general, it’s manifesto.




10th June 2017




On the Road


If your organisation, group, or educational establishment is interested in the alternative political and constitutional perspective provided by and would like Stewart Connell to speak to your organisation then please contact us.




10th June 2017




Hung Parliament Updates will be providing additional updates on a regular basis as the aftermath of the general election unfolds.




10th June 2017


Banana Republic UK


 The United Kingdom is becoming a banana republic.


As the Nation disintegrates our common and solid and regular constitutional and political institutions and patterns of government are now dissolving and becoming increasingly ineffectual.


We can see this in the increased number and forms of referendums and elections taking place resolving nothing.


Centuries of British political and parliamentary evolution are now in reverse while national authority is retreat.




10th June 2017


Becoming The New Middle East


 One of the consequences of mass immigration is that Britain is now becoming the new Middle East, the new Africa and the new Asia.


We have not just imported their tastes in food we have imported their religions and politics.




10th June 2017


 121 George Street Edinburgh


 From the Preface of the King James Bible


 “…or if, on the other side, we shall be maligned by self-concieted brethren, who run their own ways, and give liking unto nothing but what is framed by themselves, and hammered on their anvil, we may rest secure, supported within by the truth and innocency of a good conscience, having  walked the ways of simplicity and integrity, as before the Lord, and sustained without by the powerful protection of your Majesty’s grace and favour, which will ever give countenance to honest and Christian endevours against bitter censures and uncharitable imputations…”




10th June 2017 


No Effect


 When was established in April 2011, Unionism had been for decades neglected and it’s philosophical, constitutional, historical, political and cultural elements marginalised, treated with contempt and then cast aside by the Conservative and Labour political establishment.


Then they set about to replace our Union Constitution with new and foreign arrangements. remains the only dedicated campaign putting the case for our integral and unitary Nation and against those who supported legislative devolution, arguing the case for the British Constitution against those who sought to destroy and replace it and arguing the case for our parliamentary representative democracy against those that sought to impose the very fashionable referendum device.


 That the Union and the constitution would come to be at the centre of political debate nevermind actually move votes was laughable, and they did laugh.


Conservative, Labour, Liberals and the SNP and Plaid Cymru supporters laughed at our content, they even laughed at our simple website.


 They are not laughing any more. has been joined by many other campaign groups, facebook groups, networks, political parties and other organisations all working to keep the United Kingdom together.


This broad “pro UK” movement has been successful in activating and mobilising unionists to vote for the Union.


 Today the Union and the constitution is at the centre of our political life.


 However while unionists have been mobilised to vote for the Union without a UK wide Unionist political party to represent them it is all to no effect.


The very same pro-referendum, pro-legislative devolution, pro-Eurostate, pro-mass immigration political parties that initiated the 2014 referendum are now back in power.






10th June 2017


Voted for the Union ?


 The SNP accept the authority of the British Parliament by sitting in it (they can/have never initiated a referendum on the Union). They lost 22 seats in the June general election.


 The Conservative Party introduced two referendums on the Union to reject the authority of the British Parliament. They gained 12 seats in the June general election.






10th June 2017




Mark 4:26-29King James Version (KJV)


26 And he said, So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into the ground;


27 And should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how.


28 For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.


29 But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he putteth in the sickle, because the harvest is come.






3rd June 2017


General Election:


Abstain for Britain


(or spoil your ballot paper)




Save Britain not the Conservative Party.




A general election is only as good as the parties on offer.


 This has been a fake election.


 Nothing will change.


Nothing is meant to change.


 The general election has taken place on a very narrow, a very shallow and a very choreographed range of subjects,


 The present course of the United Kingdom towards dissolution has not been at  issue these past seven weeks.


 That is the point of this general election.


The Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties offer no escape from the ruin of our country that they themselves have orchestrated for fifty years, a vote for any of them means no change, only more of the same until the complete dis-integration.


 There is no alternative on offer at this election


(the next general election could well be along a lot earlier than expected)


that must be for another election, the choice on Thursday 8th of June 2017 is about authorising the further ruin of our country or withholding our electoral authority until we do see a new political formation that does offer us an alternative road and voting for it.


 Only now, a year after the British coup d’état of 24th June - July 13th 2016 that put Theresa May and a new manifesto into power without a general election, the Conservative government is now ready to test the electorate having prepared the mood lighting and backing soundtrack.


The June 2017 general election is intended to keep in place the same script, cast and cheap dialogue that has brought this country to it’s knees over the past 50 years. 


It is no coincidence that most of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal candidates who only two year ago stood on manifesto’s to stay in the EU (including Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove) will now stand on manifesto’s to get out.


 The British people deserve better politicians than these charlatans.


Where are the deep reflective, philosophical and intellectual reasons for their individual change of thought and opinion on this matter, the high matter our national political independence?


 The reasons do not exist.


  They have spent their entire political life supporting the EU because they believe in it, for them to do otherwise would have meant no political career and/or relative poverty.


These politicians have built their career and/or private fortunes on supporting the EU and the “progressive” revolution in general.


 Theresa May is typical of this type of politician.


She has spent twenty years silent, not least on the Union and the use of the referendum device – she (not Nicola Sturgeon or Alex Salmond) sat at the Cabinet table and voted to initiate the referendum and was prepared to let the United Kingdom fall  into the abyss.


Then she decided to initiate another on the 16th of March this year because she just like Cameron on the 8th January 2012 knew a general election was not too far away and for them, the interest of the Conservative Party was more important the interest of the British people.


The Conservative Party projected it would get more votes in England in the 2015 general election by having a referendum on the Union. It’s plan worked and it did get more votes and it will get more votes by threatening another one at the 2017 general election.


 Theresa May has become very rich and attained high office by “going with the - progressive revolutionary - flow” all her political life.


 Never in her twenty years as an MP did she take a stand for anything.


 Nowhere in twenty years did she even mark her objection or offer support or work with those Conservative Unionists fighting the attacks on her “precious, precious” Union.


 Elected in 1997, where was she on Blair’s devolution referendums and Acts, the Belfast Agreement, the further devolution Acts and further referendums…..she was in the lobby supporting them and in the House speaking for them because her future career depended on her silence.


She was right in that respect.


 She became Primeminister in 2015 but not in a general election, only as the result of a Conservative Party coup.


 These politicians have not changed their minds, their thoughts or opinions, they have only changed their words, and they do this in order to keep their jobs, money, decreasing social status, patronage and perks (usually free travel and foreign holidays).


 They are an abomination.


They deserve to be cast out of this country not voted into it’s government.


The general election is only a question of which management team will get the contract for “asset stripping” and “closing down” the United Kingdom.


 There is no material difference between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May.


They agree on all the principle matters (secularism, mass immigration, membership of the EU, abortion, legislative devolution, family breakdown, a "funtime" marketplace, etc).


 They just disagree on the particular route to take.


 The election of a Conservative Party government will continue to dissolve and accelerate to the final dissolution of the United Kingdom.


 The Nation will be further measured up, secularised, monetised and sold off


(see Theresa May and ARM Holdings and Hinkley Power Station).


 Our Christian foundations and established church will be further marginalised.


The godless morality (including over 8 million abortions since 1967) and the secular state imposed and enforced religion of “equality and diversity” will be further promoted and enforced.


 Society will further dissolve and the family and then the individual will be isolated and subject to the cold power of the market and a cold state, while the private family space will be further encroached upon by state power and secular indoctrination through schools and other public and private corporate means.


 What is left of the British national economy will be sold and replaced by a debt and servie based marketplace.


The young and the old will be increasingly identified by the Conservative Party’s donors as debt generators.


 Our parliamentary system will be further degraded and our Union and it’s land, sea and air frontier compromised.


 (At we remember, that the Union was not that “precious, precious” when Theresa May as Home Secretary permitted the Irish Republic’s Primeminister Kenny to enter, tour and campaign across the United Kingdom in order to encourage citizens of the Irish Republic , who are permitted to vote in British elections and referendums, to vote to stay in during the EU referendum).


Our constitution will be further sidelined, dismantled and then replaced.


 Do not be part of this.


The SNP can never initiate a referendum in the British Parliament.


(the only place where it can be initiated and authorised)


 The SNP can never form a majority in the House of Commons.


 The SNP can never form a British government.


 Only the Conservative, Labour or Liberal parties or an amalgamation of them can initiate and legislate for a referendum on the Union and they did in 2013.


 On the 15th of March this year no second referendum existed.


 On the 16th of March a second referendum did exist.


 On that day Theresa May opened the door and initiated the second referendum on the Union but gave no date preferring to let another referendum hang in the air causing fear and uncertainty. Such a ploy just like the first referendum served the Conservative party interest but not the national interest.


It would assist the Conservative Party in the (at that point unknown) forthcoming general election.


 One month later on the 18th of April 2017 Theresa May called for a general election.


 The Conservative Party is not daft, it knows what it is doing.


 The Conservative Party has betrayed you time and time and time again.


It will do it again.


If you let it.


 During this empty and overlong seven week and two day general election, the foreign financed Conservative Party (and it’s media machine) have sought to draw unionists in to vote for it, not because it believes in the Union, but because it does not believe in the Union and it needs unionist votes to get into power and be complicit in it’s plans to fragment the United Kingdom once it is in power.


 Do not be complicit.


 Do not give the Conservative Party the one thing that it does want from you.


 Do not give it your vote.


Abstain for the Union.


Copyright © June 2017








27th May 2017


What A Manifesto Should Look Like.




The small Glasgow based British Unionist Party (BUP) has released it’s Manifesto for the General Election.


 It will not stand candidates in the 8th of June general election.


 The manifesto contains a broad range of policies and signals the direction for the restoration and rebuilding of the United Kingdom after 50 years of moral, social, economic, political and constitutional demolition.






27th May 2017 


Complacency and the Union is pleased to publish


this article by Stephen Bailey, a Unionist and graduate in History from Surrey.


See Speeches, Articles and Papers page.






27th May 2017


Bible Reading 


Mark 10:13-16 King James Version (KJV)


13 And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them: and his disciples rebuked those that brought them.


14 But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.


15 Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.


16 And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.






20 May 2017


 No Change Manifesto’s


  Both Conservative and Labour manifesto’s continue the United Kingdom’s present course towards dissolution. is no fan of Jeremy Corbyn, however who would have thought it, he has had a better manifesto launch than Theresa May in her hermetically sealed bubble.


  Oh dear, oh well never mind.


  Now after twenty years, we finally get to see the political force of nature that is and has been the deep driving political conviction of Theresa May and it is………….. a damp squib... just  an amorphous fog of personal over-ambition and a presentational rehash of the past twenty years of Conservative Party policy, sprinkled with some nostalgia dust (describing itself on the front cover as the “Conservative and Unionist Party” while it has not been a unionist party since September 1997) and while the essential scenery is Halifax and an old mill building (now a wedding venue, how ironic),  the (very expensive) Cabinet extras have to be bussed in on (very expensive) private transport (no public transport for the likes of them) through the unfamiliar setting of West Yorkshire.


 Not worth the three weeks wait, or indeed the entire political lifetime of Theresa May.


While the Labour Manifesto is without national purpose and is timid, the Conservative manifesto is just a set of accounts with slight cost accounting amendments compared to the previous set submitted by Cameron.


  Business as usual.


 Neither manifesto address’s the fundamental matters facing the United Kingdom today: Mass immigration and it’s deep and profound effects that are only begining, Legislative devolution and it’s built in conflict mechanism, The abandonment of the established church and the consequent rise of secularism, selfishness and excessive consumption, The marginalisation of marriage, Mass abortion,De-industrialisation and it’s severe and lasting social effects on men, women and children and not least the attack on our parliamentary constitution etc.


  Both parties prefer to argue over lesser matters, important in themselves, but by definition subject to the greater matters of which they must play a contributory not definitive part.


  The Conservative and Labour parties and the rest do not want debate on the great matters not least because it would expose their complicity in the dissolution of our country over the past 50 years.


  Yes, Labour are right to advocate the re-nationalisation of British Railways, but they do not do so from a Unionist perspective, we support re-nationalisation because we recognise the deep national reasons for doing so, not least the physical binding together of our people from one end of the United Kingdom to another.


 This is a convenient point to remember, not least because no one else will that the Labour Party continues to boycott Northern Ireland by refusing to stand Labour candidates there.


  As for the current cause célèbre: opposition to a referendum on the Union, rather than assert our unitary, integral and parliamentary constitution. They both worship at the referendum alter, as an alternative source of authority in the United Kingdom to override parliamentary constituency authority when it suits them.


  They both support legislative devolution and will increase it’s power and patronage. Legislative devolution is a referendum generator. So long as legislative devolution remains on the statute book, the next referendum is not that far away.


 They both will support another referendum when the time is right for them.


 The most significant aspect in both manifesto launches has been the absence of any proposals for further “progressive” social policy to further the "equality and diversity" agenda, both parties have been so successful in legislating in this area in order to alter and eradicate our Christian Protestant constitution, foundations, laws, conventions, traditions and culture and replace them with a secular and selfish society full of debt and consumption that they can now safely stop, until they think of something else.


On this matter, their job is done. Secularism and the power of the market have now meshed together to be the dominant force in what is left of British society.


  The power of the British state and the established religion have now been pushed to the margins and what you see in your streets, villages, towns and cities and not least on your screens is the consequence.


  Mrs May and Mr Corbyn have this week shown us that they have nothing to say on this.


 This subject more than the constitution and even more than mass immigration will determine the future of our country.




Next week:


What a Manifesto Should Look Like:


British Unionist Party














13 May 2017




 The SNP cannot initiate a referendum on the Union or give it a majority in the HOC.


 Even if they won all the seats across Scotland (59 out of 650) in the British Parliament, it is a numerical impossibility.


 At present, only the Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrats or an amalgamation of them could give a referendum a majority in the HOC.


 (we will not here, go into the impossibility of a referendum overriding our parliamentary constitution)


Today in the 59 constituencies across Scotland the Conservative Party is promising to oppose another referendum even though the only party that has initiated not one but two referendums is .....the Conservative Party and the governing party is.....the Conservative Party. 


 It is saying, vote for us or you will face another referendum.


 This is blackmail.


 The only reason the Conservative Party is getting away with this is that there is no new formation, no nationwide unionist party at a UK level to challenge and defeat them on this and other issues from the perspective of the British interest.


 This is also the reason why unionists are now being urged to vote (tactical voting) for the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats, in order to “SAVE THE UNION” while it was…….. the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties that have voted for over twenty years in the HOC to get us into the devolution mess we are now in, not the SNP.




13 May 2017






In this empty and overlong seven weeks and two days general election where all the essential matters facing the Nation are forbidden to be debated (Parliamentary government or referendum government, Immigration, British Army (now down to 78,000), Devolution, Abortion, The Authorisation of Money, Credit Control, Re-opening Coal Pits, Territorial Defence etc) it is only natural to get bored.


In the meantime we recommend,


BANG! A History of Britain in the 1980’s by Graham Stewart a book that recognises the pivotal nature of this decade to Britain’s past and future.


For visitors wishing a musical distraction, we suggest the following:








19 April 2017


Do Not Reward Betrayal.


 The Conservative Party assisted by the Labour, Liberal parties have voted for a general election. warned of the provisions of the Fixed Parliaments Act a number of years ago, as we said at the time, the Act shifts power from the individual MP (and the electorate) to the Conservative and Labour executives.


 The Conservative Party has called for a general election not, to atone for it’s part in the moral, social, economic and political disintegration of the United Kingdom, these past fifty years or for even the specific action of initiating two referendums on the Union or it’s coup detat of last June and July .


 The general election is a simple tactic to extend Conservative power.


 With a slender 12 seat majority, Theresa May decided to eat her words again (as she did on the 24th of June 2016 when she reversed her life long support for membership of the EU in a millisecond in order to get the keys of No 10 Downing Street) to prolong the Conservative sell off of Great Britain.


This general election has been choreographed for months.


This tactic also permits the Conservative party to pose as unionist while knowing full well that it was it that put the Union in danger in 2014 in order to get a softer landing on the other side of the 2015 general election.


 The Conservative Party seeks votes from unionists desperate to escape from the threat of another referendum that the Conservative Party itself initiated on the 16th of March 2017.


While the prospect of a referendum did not exist on the 15th of March it did after the May/Peston interview on the 16th. In the interview Theresa May launches the prospect of a second referendum and permits it to hang in the air despite the Conservative government having the power to rule it out constitutionally and legally if it wanted to. This is the groundwork for the the general election to be announced just one month later.


 The threatening of unionists with another referendum and blaming it on the SNP is a means of whipping unionists into line and voting for the Conservative Party.


 We now have unionist campaigns advocating a vote not just for the Conservative Party but for the very same parties that got us into this mess in the first place.


 The SNP has been sponsored for 20 years by the Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties who are the originators of the constitutional mess that has frozen all other serious political matters in aspic while the Nation is measured up, secularised and monetised, ready for the final further sell off.


 These parties care nothing for the Union, for fifty years they would not touch a unionist with a bargepole now they come wanting our votes.


 Do not reward betrayal.


 In the present circumstance the unelected Conservative government will rely on votes from three distinct groups to win the election: those happily stuck in 1976 who comfort vote and habit vote in order to hide from the Britain of 2017 that they see outside their windows, they are joined by the secular and selfish, who care for nothing beyond themselves and the worship of money and consumption and now they are joined by unionist’s so desperate to save the United Kingdom and who see no alternative formation to represent their good intention’s and honest opinion, who will hold their nose at the moral stench of voting for the Conservative Party believing that they are giving their vote in defence of the Union.


 A general election is not enough.


The British electorate is trapped and the Conservative Party knows this because it set the trap.


 The only way out for the British people is a new political formation dedicated to the moral, social, economic and political restoration and renewal of the United Kingdom.


 Without it the Nation is finished.






26th March 2017




A Shell Nation and the Paper Tigers
 has highlighted previously that the UK is highly exposed not least on our defence, infrastructure and power generation fronts.


 50 years of moral, social, economic, political and constitutional dis-integration have led to a Nation that is now largely a shell.


 Our Christian civilisation and culture has been pushed to the margins. Social bonds have been dissolved and each is set against the other. Our national industry and infrastructure have been demolished. Our constitution torn apart.


 While we still continue to use our Christian inheritance and fabric as the background of our daily lives (from the expectation of kindness in our relationships to the expectation of the punishment of lawbreakers) all the essential elements that made us a great nation are not now being replenished and passed on to the next generation (it is the state approved secular religion of equality and diversity that is being promoted for transmission to the next generation) as has been done in the past.


For fifty years we have increasingly thought less about the serious and long term responsibilities of nationhood and thought more about short term, shallow materialism and playful selfishness.


 This is especially visible when we look at serious matters such as defence, infrastructure and the provision of power generation in the United  Kingdom.


The British Army is now under 80,000 (500,000 in 1960).


 The Civil Defence Corp was abolished many years ago (330,000 strong).


Today we have 6 Border Force vessels to patrol the entire British coastline (Italy has 600).


 The Conservative and Labour parties have brought us here.


 They are paper tigers and our enemies know that.


 While outside our Parliament, the dead lie in the streets, inside, the Conservative and Labour parties continue to destroy everything that made us a great nation.






 20th March 2017


Conservative Party Launches it’s Second Referendum on The Union.




On the 7th of January 2012 no referendum on the Union existed.




On the 8th of January 2012 David Cameron Leader of the Conservative Party


in an interview with Andrew Marr initiated the first referendum on the Union.






On the 15th of March 2017 no referendum on the Union existed.




On the 16th of March Theresa May Leader of the Conservative Party


in an interview with Robert Peston initiated a second referendum on the Union.




The SNP have never initiated a single referendum.


 The Conservative Party have now initiated two.




It's your Choice.


The British people or the Conservative Party.






12th March 2017 


The British Centre




For 50 years the attack on the British constitution has been targeted at the periphery, the outlying parts of the Nation.


 This has been most evident in the pushing of legislative devolution and PR and foreign interference into Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


 They are now floated as embryonic statelets in an emerging federal state.


  The coup de’tat that took place in the UK between the 24th of June and the 13th of July 2016 has now brought the weight of the “progressisve” revolution to the very centre of the British state.


  The coup appointed a new primeminister, a new government, new ministers, new departments and most of all a new manifesto, a manifesto the complete opposite to the one voted for by the British people in the 2015 general election.


  The referendum mechanism has been used effectively in shutting down parliamentary representation and replacing the rule of law with the rule of the Conservative Party mob.


 Rather that stand up for their principals and the parliamentary representation of their electors, 600 MP’s elected on manifesto’s to stay in the EU now prostrate themselves before the referendum device and vote to leave.


There is no admission that their previous position was wrong or an explanation of the political and constiutional reasons why they have changed their minds (which all are entitled to do given new evidence or experience and then place that new opinion before their constituency electorate).


Theresa May is the prime example of these MP's.


  They have reduced their personal convictions and manifestos to dust.


  The consequence of the coup and the casting aside of parliamentary representation is that the centre of British politics – the British House of Commons and the government that should be made from it and the civil service are operating outside the control of the British people.




The British have lost control of their country.






5th March 2017 


Credit Where It Is Due.


In a interview BBC presenter Jackie Bird targets with precision the rank hypocrisy of Theresa May who can end the doubt over a referendum in a single word, no, but chooses to keep the option open.






5th March 2017






 Theresa May, Leader of the Conservative Party refuses to say no to the SNP and shut the door on a referendum.


 To do so would be the right thing to do.


It would be the constitutional and parliamentary thing to do.


It is what a party loyal to the British people would do.


 It would remove immediately doubt and division.


 Certainty and unity would return and we could begin to put our country together again.




 Just as David Cameron initiated the previous referendum on the Union for narrow Conservative Party reasons, rather than say no, Theresa May and


the Conservative Party are playing with the matter for narrow party reasons.




Maybe aye maybe naw.


They are letting the matter hang in the air.


They are doing this for narrow party interest.


They believe that electors who want to see the Union defended have no where else to go


and will vote for the Conservative Party regardless of their policy on the Union.






4th March 2017




 The Conservative Party is the party that initiated the referendum on the Union.


 (Here is the transcript of the Conservative Party Leader initiating the referendum on the Andrew Marr Show 8th January 2012


 About halfway down page - the youtube video previously online has been pulled)




The SNP can be blamed for many things but not the referendum on the Union.




The Conservative Party likes referendums.


 Since 2010 It has had 4.




 Referendum on Wales Devolution 2011


 Referendum on PR 2011


 Referendum on the Union 2014


 Referendum on EU membership 2016




It will have another one on the Union unless you stop it.


 Do Not Vote for the Conservative Party.






25th February 2017


Politics by Proxy


and the “Dictatorship of the Air”




Britons today cannot afford the bus fare to their local town centre never mind afford air travel to America or elsewhere overseas.


The recent demo’s in the United Kingdom regarding the United States of America’s entry policy


(entirely a matter for America and none of our business) is politics by proxy.


 The demo’s and attendant coverage are superficially about American policy but are more deeply about Britain and the challenge to the “progressive” revolution in Britain over the past fifty years.


 To the supporters of the 1960’s “progressive” movement (including the Conservative Party) their political narrative is meant to linear.


There is not meant to be another narrative.


Their opinion and outlook is meant to be the only one.


 The internet (the printing press of the 21st century), the rise of independent media and the loss of the EU membership opinion poll has shattered their “worldview” and narrative.


 An alternative narrative now exists, they know this and they fear it.


 They fear the “progressive” revolution will be reversed.


It is no surprise that air travel and open borders and the mass movement of people are the issues that have generated so much angst and coverage among them.


 Most of the advocates and virtue signallers of the new “progressive” caste travel this way (See also Vassal Territory Blog Entry 51), conveniently overlooking their precious carbon footprint and ironically, for a group so self consciously modern, they ignore all the wonders of modern technology that have reduced the need for the physical transit of people, such as (widely available) mobile phones, the internet, video conferencing and 3D printers etc.


 They are largely engaged in the soft, globalised, digital, entertainment, media, service, finance sectors, and that nebulous strata of “management” that floats from one sector to another with no root in a particular discipline, knowledge or trade.


 These are all activities highly suitable for digital methods of communication and output with little need for physical transit.


 This new caste has echoes of the


“Dictatorship of the Air” element of H G Wells 1933 book “The Shape of Things to Come”.


It tells of a dictatorship coming to power after war, an executive emerging from the surviving transport systems across the globe and exercising power.


 A dictatorship intent on creating a world state and utopia according only to their tastes and their interests.






11th February 2017






It has been reported that Theresa May has been “wargaming” a second breaking up Britain referendum.


 This should come as no surprise to visitors of this page.


 Conservative Party Central Office has been instrumental in calculating the impact and the triggering of the previous referendums.


The Conservative Party has no interest in the Union, for years it has regarded the Union (and the wider heavy responsibilities of nationhood) as a nuisance and a hangover from the past.


 For them the Union and nationhood are matters which distract from their primary purpose which is to secularise and monetise the United Kingdom’s resources (including people) and make money for their client pool.


 The barge pole has been their chosen method of dealing with the matter of the Union for decades.


It is the absence of a national unionist party (which actually did exist in a number of manifestations from the 1920s until 1965) that has allowed the Conservative Party to masquerade so long as a unionist party.


 The path has been set.


 The unelected government of Theresa May emerged from a referendum and a coup de'tat not a British general election.


 The referendum is their favoured weapon.


So pleased is the Conservative Party with their coup de’detat of July 2016 that they are now preparing for another attempted overthrow of British parliamentary representative democracy, yet another attempt to eject the northern part of the Kingdom from the Kingdom against the expressed electoral will of the electorate in that part of the Kingdom.


 In 2015


59/59 constituencies across Scotland authorised their MP’s to go and sit in the British House of Commons


(including 56 SNP MP’s who stood on representational manifesto’s not one stood on an abstentionist manifesto). 


All 59 constituencies across Scotland voted to be part of the British nation. commented at the time of the 2015 general election result that the representational manifesto commitment


meant that the “the Union is Secure”, it was and it still is constitutionally and legally. 


It is only the Conservative Party not the SNP, that can now undo the unambiguous decision of the British parliamentary


constituency electorates across Scotland in 2015 to be part of of the Union.




5th February 2017


 The Land of Make Believe




Rather than have a general election after the EU referendum the Conservative Party conducted a coup de’tat and then had a make over.


 The Conservative Party replaced the only manifesto authorised by the British people with one that was not authorised by the British people.




Some who regard themselves as unionists find comfort in the Conservative Party (July 2016 Edition)


 They ache for the Conservative Party to like them.


They long for the Conservative Party to like Britain.


 They remember Sundays full of the Kirk, the Mail and the Post and rolls and potato scones.




They desperately believe the


choreographed imagery of the vicar’s daughter, talk of a “precious Union”, talk of grammer schools, talk of an independent Great Britain,


talk of immigration control, talk of defending British industry, talk of a Britain “coming together”,


although there is no talk of reducing the abortion limit or introducing credit control.




It is not 1976.


It is not even 1982.


It is all fiction.


It has all gone.




It is a land of make believe.




They cling to the Conservative Party and it’s cassette recorded nostaligic mood music because deep down they know that the country,


on it’s present course is finished and they cannot bear to make the necessary effort to save it.






28th January 2017


 The Conservative Party – A Branch Office of the SNP


  Mundel the unelected (elected on the 2015 Conservative manifesto not the 2016 Conservative manifesto) Secretary fo State for Scotland


has put on record that the devolved


parliament will be allowed to vote on the repeal of the 1972 European Act (although it is legally prevented from intruding into Foreign Affairs).


  The Conservative Party will also introduce a new Scotland Act although (to avoid parliamentary accountability) this may be done through


another “legislative vechile”.


 SNP - Sponsored Everyday by the Conservative Party






28th January 2017


 “Supreme” Court Malarky 


Constitutional and European Aspects


  The Supreme Court, conveniently for the Conservative Party


 overlooks, assumes and accepts that the Conservative government has a mandate to implement it’s policies, it does not.


 The July 2016 appointed (not elected) Conservative government has no mandated manifesto.


  The only manifesto that has a mandate for government today is the May 2015 Conservative manifesto under Cameron.


  That manifesto supports membership of the EU and is completely endorsed by Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove etc…….


 The July 2016 appointed Conservative government has not submitted it’s manifesto to the electorate and is governing unelected in opposition to the only  


manifesto that is mandated by general election…the Cameron manifesto.


 Of course governments must bring high and important legislation to parliament for approval but for the “Supreme” Court to rule on the Article 50 panto and


ignore the elephant in the room – that an unelected government (the result of a coup de’tat) with an unelected manifesto is now governing the United Kingdom is


a reflection of the abandonment of our British Constitution and parliamentary representative government by the judicial, political and academic establishment.




Devolution Aspects


 The telephone operator in the “Supreme” Court


 could have just directed anyone interested to Schedule 5 of the 1998 Scotland Act


 where they would see in black and white that the devolved parliament has no authority in the Constitution or Foreign Affairs. Alternatively they could have


visited and found this out years ago for no cost at all.


  The devolved parliament has no more authority in the matter of the Constitution or Foreign Affairs than Glasgow City Council.


 The devolved parliament continues to spend public money on Foreign Affairs for which it has no legal competence:


  Expense on travel and accommodation: planes, hotels, food and drink etc.


 Setting up devolved Foreign Affairs related organisations and personnel and staff including the appointment of “external affairs minister”, offices and


departments including dedicated salaries and expenses.


  Expenditure on administrative or research activity.


 This is all done outside the law with the compliance and silence of both the Conservative and Labour parties.




 28th January 2017  


Commonculture Again




 Regulating and policing society is difficult enough with one  cohesive culture in the Nation.


 The official drive from a national monoculture towards


  Multicultures with multi-moral, multi-social and multi-economic  behaviours and codes leads to decay and dissolution.






28th January 2017 


 Pot and Kettle.


 The Conservative unelected government will “allow” 5 days for scruitiny of the “Article 50 Bill”.


  This has been described by a number of MP’s as an affront to parliament and limits scruitiny of the legislation by the legislature.


  The Scotland Act (Modification of Schedule 5 Order) 2013 which set up the referendum to break up Britain and is the most important constitutional legislation


ever to be presented to Parliament was done inside 6 hours with no green paper, no white paper, no bill, no constitutional bill, no debate in the


HOC (sitting as a committee), no amendments.


There was no vote.


  It was passed unanimously.


  The next day the HOL did the same.


  Not one MP or member of the HOL raised a single objection to it.


 This is the mess that is created when the executive party acts in joint venture with the opposition party.




.28th January 2017  


 Theresa May’s “Precious Union” Nonsense


 Theresa May speaks of the UK as both a nation and a Union of Nations.


  It cannot be both.


  If the UK is a “nation” it cannot contain other “nations” because they would not be sovereign and equally the UK itself could be part of another “nation” by her


definition.  By using this language, supporting legislative devolution and refusing to rule out another referendum on breaking up Britain the Conservative Party


continues to dissolve UK.






23rd January 2017 


England Is Under Direct Rule


The suspension of devolved government in the province simply means that normal United Kingdom government has been restored.


  "Direct rule" is direct government by the British government and local councils.


The territorial, electoral and institutional conflict that legislative devolution brings has been removed and removed immediately with no loss of


continuity in national or local services.


In other words national and local government and services (police, schools, hospitals etc) continue to function without any legislative


devolved tier existing.


It is an example of how legislative devolved structures can be suspendend and removed while  public services continue to function effectively through


administrative devolution otherwise known as local government.




"Direct rule" is usually framed by the Conservative and Labour parties and their media agents as being a “bad thing”.


The separatists, salaried devo-politicians and their staff and client pool also do not like direct rule for obvious reasons.




 We should not forget that England today is and always has been under direct rule while Scotland and Wales were also under direct rule until legislative


devolution was introduced in 1999.






2nd January 2017 


Common Representation


Legislative devolution creates is differential representation of British electors. It differentiates on a territorial designation within the United Kingdom.




Under legislative devolution an elector in Manchester has less representation than an elector in  Motherwell.


A Manchester MP cannot vote on education policy in Motherwell but a Motherwell MP can vote on education policy in Manchester.


This is not equitable or durable.


A territorial, electoral and institutional conflict has now been created by the Conservative and Labour parties.


The anti-devolutionist's of the 1970's and 1980's were right.


Our British Parliament must have common powers, common practice, common procedure and common representation across all constituncies.




2nd January 2017


Administrative Devolution Works
 supports the suspension (prorogation) of legislative devolution and it’s replacement with administrative devolution (uniform local government powers across the United Kingdom). supports the following petition.


 Please this petition and sign and share.




Thank you






27th December 2016 


 Beyond Peak Stuff


Steve Howard, Ikea's "Sustainablility Officer" has said "In the West, we have probably hit peak stuff".


Beyond "peak stuff" all that is left in the United Kingdom is a disintegrated and atomised society, an aggregate of people chained to work and debt, where for the previous 50 years selfishness and the aquisition of "stuff" have been officially endorsed by both the Conservative and Labour parties as the new secular religion.


What is the alternative ?


The restoration of the Nation that is being thrown away.




27th December 2016 


After The Coup.


The June 2016 Coup d’etat has happened.


Under the cover of the EU referendum opinion poll, the Vichy Conservative Party has taken over the government of the United Kingdom with no election, no mandate and no authority from the British people.


Indeed the Conservative Party now governing in opposition to the election, the mandate and the authority given to them on the basis of their own manifesto of just 19 months ago.


As the United Kingdom dissolves in front of us, the abandonment of general elections as the means to correspond government and people (no longer electors) in the Nation is the next step for the “progressive” revolutionaries.


We have entered into the phase where, as the Nation is “transformed” into a vassal territory, government is now exercised by group coup rather than the parliamentary constituency election of a Member of Parliament.


Again, we are seeing Peter Mandelson’s prediction of the end of representative government come to pass.




  27th December 2016  


Nothing Less.


It is legislative devolution that is the problem not the amount of legislative devolution.


There are still some unionists who say no more devolution (actually, we have had more than enough, thanks) but who want to keep the devolution Acts intact or perhaps tiptoe back and repeal the post 1998 Acts but keep the 1998 Acts.


The 1998 Acts are not some kind of divine text which are above political debate they are Acts of Parliament which are hostile to the Union, our parliamentary representative democracy, the rule of law  and the peaceful order of society.


This is not unionism, it is separation, bit by bit separation and it must be said to be separation.


We must have repeal and nothing less.




27th December 2016 


Two Down One To Go


In 2016 we are only now slowly beginning to debate


two of the three great forbidden matters of the past 50 years: Immigration and Europe.


Devolution must not remain the last great forbidden matter that the British people are not allowed to discuss.




27th December 2016  


No Excuse


There is no excuse for voting for the Conservative Party.


For over fifty years the CP has voted for mass immigration, legislative devolution and membership of the EU.


It has acted for and voted for the moral, social, economic and political ruin of the United Kingdom.


“… If we are to achieve this task we will have to embark on a change so radical, a revolution so quiet and yet so total, that it will go far beyond the programme for a Parliament…”


Edward Heath


Leaders Speech Conservative Conference Blackpool 1970




 27th December 2016 




The failure of the 1960’s “progressive” revolution is now plain for many to see.


The moral, social, economic and political disintegration that it has created must be brought to an end and the Nation restored.


The unity of the United Kingdom must not be thrown again onto the table of Conservative and Labour casino politics as they scramble for money and power as their revolution finally faces national opposition.


The cheap and plastic devolution structures are now operating (illegally) as embryonic states in the United Kingdom and their 297 devo-politicians jet off and spout off overseas about why the devolved territories must remain inside the EU.


This is all done with British taxpayers money but more importantly it brings division of the national message when national unity is required.


We must repeal legislative devolution now, the devo-experiment has failed and is working against the peaceful democratic order and good governance of the




In it’s place we can introduce a uniform system of local government (administrative devolution) across the United Kingdom.




 27th December 2016 




Pop Up Population


The Conservative Vichy establishment continue to pump out the fiction that the UK population is about 64 million.


However it is now at holiday times and outwith the normal working hours and patterns that this fiction is exposed.


Quite apart from the government sponsored and individually financed misery of commuting into London from the South East and South West, the increasing demand on our transport infrastructure especially on road and railways not only highlights the failure of transport policy over fifty years (not least implementation of the Beeching report which devastated the national railway network and it’s associated infrastructure including river, canal and sea interfaces) but indicates that the population of the United Kingdom is far higher than the establishment want you to know.


A far better guide to estimating the (actual) population is to check the estimates used by the sewage companies, supermarkets and the official registers held by local councils.




27th December 2016 


Politics By Any Other Name




The word “culture” is widely used today in an attempt to suggest that the “cultural mood” is driving politics in a “liberal and “progressive” direction.


It is not.


 It is politics, legislation and regulation (the use of the power of the state) that is driving “culture” in a “liberal and “progressive” direction.


The instruments of the state (including sponsorship and regulation of the arts) have been employed increasingly for 50 years to facilitate and generate propaganda


for the Conservative and Labour “progressive” revolution.




15th December 2016 


The Education Cult


The news that all police recruits in England and Wales must have a degree should come as no surprise.


(see your preferred news source)


Today each new political cult brings with it an industry of clients and suppliers.


The Conservative and Labour (and Liberal and SNP’s) 1960’s “progressive” revolution, recognised early on, that schools, colleges and universities were not only primary channels of propaganda but were resource pools of money, manpower and material for their change agents to do further work.


Today billions are pumped into the revolutions frontline: “education”.


Over 3 million “students” are now in the post school education industry with some institutions containing more than 30,000 on their books, the University of London has over 160,000 on it's books.


Putting aside the immigration status of many in this sector, a huge number of young Britons have now been coralled into “education” not only to take them off the dole figures but to stifle them and their potential (to say nothing of the energy that they could inject into a serious national economy) and indoctrinate them.


Millions, in the prime of their lives, full of potential physical and mental talent are herded into phoney service degrees in order to work as “sales fulfillment officers” (trolley pushers) and “customer journey experience executives” (sales assistants).


If this is not bad enough they and their families now have to pay direct for the privilege of being force fed the corrupting equality and diversity secular code.


The purpose of this macro social engineering is to “transform” the United Kingdom from a Christian country into a godless vassal territory.


It is wasting the gifts, talent and individual creativity of our young .




To regenerate the United Kingdom we must restore the transmission of authority and knowledge to the young.


We must rebuild a national economy with defence, public infrastructure and heavy industry as it’s economic foundations.


We must train most of our young in apprenticeships and in manual, industrial and commercial activities.


Then we must ensure that the rest are able through talent and skill to enter into the professions through a renewed national university system.






12th December 2016 


Meanwhile Silence.


Public debate on the grinding poverty and the misery of  millions upon millions of Britons has been silenced as a result of the Conservative and Labour Vichy establishment’s refusal to have a general election and their setting up of a fictional constitutional debate on Europe.


Silence about the poor, the lonely, the fearful, the lost, those mired in debt, those trapped in the grinding mental, physical and economic poverty of the cult of work.


Silence about the industrial scale of abortion, the worship of money, a tide of divorce rates, the denigration of marriage, the forced employment of women and mothers, the use of schools, colleges and universities as propaganda channels for a secularist corrupting agenda.


Silence about the inculcation of a “debtlife” from school onwards, the marginalisation of British working class men and their traits, characteristics, masculinity, gatherings and independence, the stigma now associated with femininity, motherhood and being a housewife, also the failure of substantial large numbers of men and women to form relationships and get married early enough to have children, on and on it goes.


A moral, social and economically rootless aggregate of people, set against each other, in a vassal territory is exactly what the Conservative and Labour establishment wanted and set out to create and have created it since the 1960's.




The Conservative and Labour parties want silence on all these matters.


To put these matters right we need words and voices not silence.


We need words to determine and form our action.  Then we must act.




Let your voice be heard.


British Unionist Party


Membership is available at


Putting Our Country Back Together Again.






7th December 2016




 The Contract




We are governed by contract in the fullest and deepest sense of the word.






Oxford Dictionary




"Enter into a formal and legally binding agreement"






At a general election a political party offers to govern on the basis of a contract - a manifesto - which contains a series of policy actions that it will implement if it wins a majority of seats and can form and sustain a government.




A political party asks for the authority of the British people (and it is only given) on the basis of the contract.




The Conservative government was elected on a manifesto to remain in the EU and other policies.




Since the 23rd of June 2016 no general election has taken place.




The government now says it wants to leave the EU but it only has a mandate for the contract it offered in the7th May 2015 general election.




The EU referendum contained no authority it was an opinion poll, authority continued to be contained in and exercised by MP’s.




We now have a government that is not only governing without election,




it is governing in opposition (including on matters of the highest constitutitional importance) to the contract that it itself offered in the last general election.




The “Supreme” Court Article 50 is a sideshow.




We must have a general election and a government that will govern on the basis of the contract that it has offered.




The longer the Conservative government continues the further we enter into despotic government and the public disorder that it brings.










 3rd December 2016 




Supreme Court Is Breaking The Law.




Next week the “Supreme” Court is scheduled to permit the devolved Parliament to participate in the Article 50 case.




This is illegal.




The Scotland Act 1998 Schedule 5 excludes the devolved parliament from entering into Foreign Affairs.


The matter is for the British Parliament.




The Supreme Court claims participation is to provide aspects of Scottish law. This is false. Participation in the case is political. It is to further embed the devolved parliament in the fictional narrative that the United Kingdom is an embryonic federal state. It is not it is a Nation.




We have a union constitution not a federal constitution.




If the Supreme Court wants to know about aspects of Scottish law then it should have asked the Office of the Advocate General who are the British Law Officers in Scotland.


It is their job to tell the British Crown and government about Scottish law.




Why does the Advocate General not tell the Supreme Court about it’s illegal action?




The current Advocate General, is the former Scottish Conservative Party Chairman The Lord Keen of Elie QC.






29th November 2016 


How To Escape.




For five years has drawn attention to and encouraged the shifting of the political plates of the United Kingdom.




One hundred years on from the emergence of the Conservative and Labour parties as the principal parties of the British state both parties must now be


replaced and marginalised.




We at the Common Representation campaign have made a small contribution to support the emergence of new formations and to replace and


marginalise these parties.






The past fifty years of the “progressive revolution” are now funnelled through the prism of the EU referendum opinion poll.




The electorate (desperate to escape from the “progressive revolution” politics of the 20th century) are now trapped on one side by an unelected


Conservative government and on the other side by an unelected Labour opposition. Both of these parties are now implementing the


opposite set of policies that both of them campaigned on just 17 months ago.






The general election of 2015 has been declared void by the Conservative and Labour establishment and a new general election can only be called


through the provisions of the despotic Fixed Term Parliamenat Act 2011 which places decisive control of the calling of a general election into hands of


the Conservative and Labour parties.




Both of these parties are staffed by individuals and bankrolled by domestic and foreign interests all dedicated to the “progressive revolution” and hostile


to our Nations Christian foundations.




Central to keeping their 1960’s revolution in place is the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the EU indeed that is why David Cameron


brought forward and used the referendum mechanism on this matter - not a general election - a referendum keeps power in the hands of the


"progressive" establishment and away from the electors.






While all of this compounds the moral, social, economic and political disintegration already taking place, day in, day out, millions of Britons are trapped


in grinding moral, social and economic poverty.




Millions are lost. Millions are lonely. Millions are crushed by hopelessness.




And millions seek only diversion.






We must escape.




We must escape by using parliamentary representative democracy.




Thankfully the British have used this before with decisive effect in our history.






The only way to escape is to support a party that offers a narrative for what has happened to our country.




To support a party that offers a broad manifesto for the Nation's restoration and regeneration




To support a political party that has the political will to put our country back together again.














19th November 2016 


Get The Polis.


The decision by the Supreme Court to permit the devolved parliament to participate in the Article 50 court case; R (on the application of Miller & Dos Santos) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, 5-8 December 2016) is illegal and unconstitutional.


The devolved parliament (and it's executive) is explicitly prevented from dealing with foreign matters in the 1998 Scotland Act Schedule 5


Paragraph 7 .


Foreign affairs etc.


7(1)International relations, including relations with territories outside the United Kingdom, the [F6European Union](and their institutions) and other international organisations, regulation of international trade, and international development assistance and co-operation are reserved matters.




Until now the entire political establishment has chosen to look the other way while the devolved parliament pursued it's illegal entry, construction and expansion into foreign affairs. Now the highest parts of the legal establishment are engaged in furthering this illegal action.


This action is intended to further embed the devolved parliament into the fictional constitutional narrative that the United Kingdom is a federal utilitarian construct of different states.


It is not, it is a Nation.


We must remember that the Supreme Court itself (like the devolved structures themselves) is a Blairite invention, set up in 2009 (previously it’s functions were conducted by the Laws Lords who sat in the Houses of Parliament and in doing so reflected the submission of law to the British people’s representative’s in the House of Commons) and is a central part of the “progressive” revolution's attempt to tear away powers from our British Parliament and separate them into different institutions.








17th November 2016 


British Unionist Party


The BUP Manifesto is now available at


Putting Our Country Back Together Again.






8th November 2016 


A General Election Is Not Enough.


The British House of Commons is not a cheap bauble to be thrown about by the courts or government sponsored opinion polls.


The British people are the masters of the House of Commons. It is their House.


Our history would mean nothing without the House of Commons.


It is only through generations of British people (incuding the present one) authorising their Member’s of Parliament to go and sit in the


House of Commons that the United Kingdom continues to exist.


For centuries the United Kingdom has renewed itself every five years at general elections. We must renew our Nation again.


We must have a general election.


However it is not enough to go through a general election with the Conservative and Labour parties both offering the same revolutionary policies that


they have both implemented for fifty years. These are the parties and policies that have ruined our country.


A general election will ONLY make a difference if there is one national party that offers the electorate a manifesto that provides a national narrative,


that rejects the revolutionary policies of the past fifty years and restores our national institutions.






 5th November 2016


Stewart Connell on Radio 4


Any Answers about 6 min in.






5th November 2016




Today the British people will celebrate the defeat of the plot to blow up their Houses of Parliament.


Best wishes to all the Bonfire nights planned across the United Kingdom. would encourage the establishment of Bonfire societies along the lines of those in Lewes, Sussex.






5th November 2016


Remember Remember


Remember, remember the fifth of November,       Gunpowder treason and plot. We see no reason Why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot!
Guy Fawkes, guy, t'was his intent To blow up king and parliament. Three score barrels were laid below To prove old England's overthrow.
By god's mercy he was catch'd With a darkened lantern and burning match. So, holler boys, holler boys, Let the bells ring. Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king.
And what shall we do with him? Burn him!




5th November 2016   


“...that odious title of Conservative...”


The above quote is from the Leader of the Conservative Party Neville Chamberlain (1937-1940).




The Conservative MP (Sleaford and North Hykeham) Stephen Phillips,


has resigned his seat in protest at the failure of the Conservative government to present Parliament with legislation on the


matter of withdrawal from the EU.


 He added: “Some will label me a quitter, or, no doubt, worse. Those are labels with which I can live. The label Conservative no longer is."






3rd November 2016  


Royal Courts Judgement




A Defeat for the Conservative Party and the BBC.




 Note: supports the repeal of the 1972 European Communites Act.




 For over five years the campaign has fought for our parliamentary representative democracy, it’s ancient institutions and traditions.


 It is a precious inheritance and we remember them who gave the greatest sacrifice for it on Rememberance Day.


 In our constitution only the Crown through Parliament has Authority.


A referendum device is a survey.


  The Conservative Party and the BBC have known this for years but for political reasons refused to make it public.


  We at know that the Conservative Party knew because their law officer’s told them (and us) and the BBC knew because we told them – all the way up to the BBC Trust (Board of Governors).


 Today’s Royal Court Judgement is a victory for and reaffirms Parliamentary Sovereignty and the requirement placed on a government to submit it’s legislative plan (manifesto) to the electorate for approval and authorisation - especially on the most serious matter of the national independence of the Nation itself.


 It is a defeat for the Conservative Party’s despotic government that has attempted to govern without an election or even legislation on the most serious matter of our national independence.


  If Theresa May and the Conservative Party and want the UK to leave the EU after a political lifetime of wanting it to remain then the answer is simple we must have a general election and the British people will authorise a new course.




The new British Unionist Party (BUP) manifesto is committed to our parliamentary representative democracy and the repeal of the 1972 European Communites Act.


  Please support it in anyway you can.






22nd October 2016  


Passport to Pimlico.


Schools and colleges and universities are now the official frontline.


 They are the political indoctrination centres for the “progressive” revolution.


 All the latest political fads and fashions are now inculcated into British children from primary school to university.


 The elements that made our Nation and British history are marginalised or removed completely.


 The Conservative and Labour parties for over 50 years have done this in order to have a more politically compliant and rootless population.




To make a small contribution to counter this state funded propaganda would direct students (and others) visiting this site


to simply watch the 1949 Ealing comedy “Passport to Pimlico”.


The film will show you all the ingredients that made our nation and all the essential elements that our nation must possess in order exist and survive


from self recognition and the common acceptance of authority to control of the nations frontier.




22nd October 2016 


They Don’t Like Us - We Don’t Care.


Banned by Parliamentary Committee’s,


Censored by the BBC and Cast out by Academia.
 continues on it’s mission to oppose legislative devolution and


defend our Union Constitution and our Parliamentary representative democracy.




22nd October 2016 


North Lanarkshire Council.


 The devolved Parliament has published another separation Bill.


This is illegal.


 (See Schedule 5 of the 1998 Scotland Act)




North Lanarkshire council has more discretion in law to “call” a separation referendum than the devolved parliament.


 The Conservative government refuses to enforce the rule of law because it simply does not believe in our Union Constitution.


By refusing to enforce the law, the Conservative government is permitting lawlessness.










19 October 2016 


Yesterday In The Courts




Note: In the British Constitution, the House of Commons is the Highest Court in the United Kingdom.


Yesterday at The Royal Courts of Justice, the Conservative Party’s Attorney General Jeremy Wright, the Government's leading law officer, stated: "The country voted to leave the EU in a referendum approved by Act of Parliament. This is a mis-leading statement and is meant to be a mis-leading statement. It suggests that the European Union referendum result contained authority. It did not.


The European Union Referendum Act 2015 (Just like the Scotland Act 1998 (Modification of Schedule 5) Order 2013 only permits a referendum to logistically take place. Neither of them contained any provision to put authority into the referendum. Both were simply surveys sponsored by the government. Only British parliamentary constituency elections contain and exercise authority.






15th October 2016


We Are A Parliamentary Nation


(What That Means For Referendums).


Only the British Parliament can authorise the devolved parliament to legally set up the physical logistics of a separation referendum (allow the devolved parliament to discuss and spend money on the materials to facilitate a referendum ie open schools and print things etc).


The British Parliament and Constitution does not and cannot allow any referendum to contain any other authority because only the British Parliament can contain and exercise authority.


This basic point of the Constitution was only finally and reluctantly confirmed by the government when challenged by


Authority is transferred from the electorate in their parliamentary constituencies into their MP who has declared that he will (a representational candidate) or will not (an abstentionist candidate) represent them in the UK parliament.


This clear parliamentary democratc choice allows the elector to decide if they want to be part of the Union or remove themselves from it (if their preferred candidate wins a majority of the votes in the constituency).


It is an orderly, regulated and peaceful means to decide the most important political question , where does authority (power) lie.


There are many nations that do not posess our parliamentary representative constitution and traditions.


It is a great and meaningful inheritence that we do posess and that we throw away at our peril.


Politicians and political parties must say this and other important things about our Constitution and Parliament, if they do not then these things will fall into neglect and be overidden in the media and in popular debate by cheap constitutional fiction and in doing so bring danger to our country.


Thankfully one party, the new British Unionist Party - registered as the United Kingdom Unionist Party - does says these things.


Please support it anyway you can.


Authority is and must be singular there cannot be an alternative, superior, invented or counter authority in the United Kingdom.


If any other authority is ever conceded or recognised by the British Parliament then the United Kingdom would no longer exist and new territorial states would emerge from that new authority and would also emerge form what had been the remaining part of the United Kingdom excluded from the referendum.


Only by standing abstentionist candidates in UK Parliamentary constituency elections or a general election and winning a geographically cohesive and durable number of constituencies (in which the new state can exist) could the UK be reconfigured or indeed brought to an end.


The referendum mechanism can only ever be a survey, a snapshot of opinion, but never containing authority.


The problem is that the Conservative and Labour parties have both supported and pushed the referendum mechanism since 1970 and they do not want to admit the damage they have knowingly done to our constitution or the deeply anti-Brtish and anti-parliamentary reasons why they decided to use it in the first place and continue to use it.






 13th October 2016 


 Why We Must Have Party Politics Not Referendums.




The Conservative Party not the SNP initiated the separation referendum and only the Conservative government has the authority to initiate another and they will, if it like the last one, serves their interest.




Mrs May’s majority of 17 is the direct result of the separation referendum, indeed that was its purpose.




Between 5th May 2011 and 8th January 2012 (the day it was launched by David Cameron on the Andrew Marr Show - and can still be seen on You Tube) it was decided by the Conservative Party Central Office that a separation referendum (regardless of it’s effect on the Union) would allow the Conservative Party to have a softer landing (a more marginal defeat or even a marginal victory) on the other side of the next general election.




On this matter their internal projection models were correct.




They had no concern for the Union or the release of the deep political forces which through centuries of party politics and membership and parliamentary constituency election had managed to be contained, regulated and exercised in an orderly and peaceful manner.




In a referendum no one is ever elected and no party exists in a referendum to act as the “personification” of a policy or set of policies. The consequence is that every participant in a referendum becomes the “personification” of the policy or policies. That is why the referendum mechanism causes so much deep social division – there is no (any) party to blame so blame, frustration and anger are directed and vented at individuals.




In a general election the political parties take on the “personification” and collectively formalise it: “I blame the Conservative Party/I blame the Labour Party”etc. This is far more preferable and structured and lends itself to dialogue, exchange and potentially a compromise of some description.




Political parties are a “good thing” because they allow the Nation to talk to itself




(a referendum cannot “talk” because the human element has been removed and replaced by two cold statements on a bit of paper. This is partly the problem we now see in the EU referendum aftermath, no one has been elected and authorsed to "talk" and no manifesto has been authorised which defines the proposed action and legislation)




and take a decision on how we are to be governed but also allow it to maintain a social cohesion and keep the common polity intact.












8th October 2016




Unelected Government.




Tomorrow Parliament returns.


This is to be welcomed.


Since the Glorious Revolution we have been governed by the rule of law through Parliament not the rule of despots.


This has been our most precious national treasure.




Theresa May governs with no mandate for her government, her “new” government, has not been elected by the British people.


 She governs in opposition to the policies in the Conservative Party manifesto that she herself and the Conservative Party's  MP’s were elected on just 16 months ago.


 For example, the British People elected a government to continue EU membership not discontinue membership.


On this and other policies the Conservative Party says that the EU referendum was the “voice of the British People” and "all has changed" and it must "listen and act" but there is no need for a general election indeed that would create uncertainty.


 The whole point of an election is that there is uncertainty until we have the certainty of the electorate having excercised it’s authority.


The alternative is that we never have an election.


We now have a government without it being elected.




This is the same sidelining of parliamentary representational democracy that was used in the separation referendum when a survey was pumped up (and plenty of politicians and BBC staff's overtime was clocked up) by the establishment and the BBC to push the lie and imply that it contained the authority in law to break up the United Kingdom.


  The Conservative Party is using the lessons of the separation referendum, in order to get itself out of the EU mess that it got itself into under Cameron.


It is despotic government.


We must have a general election.






2nd October 2016




The Trojan Horse supports the repeal of the European Communities Act.




In Birmingham, the Conservative Party, a pop up party, is full of swaggering, hostile intent against the British people.


 It is the servant of foreign power and the vehicle for the “transformation” of Great Britain into a godless aggregate of slave labour, a vassal territory in the north west of the Eurostate.


  The Conservative Party, once, an institution known for articulating and exercising the heavy responsibilities and duties of nationhood, no longer exists, it found the weight of the duties, too heavy and so decided, with relief (not least on the night of the devolution referendums in 1997), to exchange them for money and foreign favour.


Today the big lie is Europe.


 The Conservative Party was elected in 2015 on a manifesto of CONTINUED membership.


Theresa May, Johnson, Gove, etc were all elected on a CONTINUED membership manifesto.


 The overwhelming number of it’s MP’s are for CONTINUED membership, but of course they will tack onto any policy.


 The referendum contained NO authority (authority is singular in the UK and it is only exercised in a general election) they know this and that is why they never say it did contain authority although some come close.


 The referendum device is a mechanism to keep political parties in power, that is why Cameron had three of them and took the country to the edge of the political abyss.


 It is a general election that can remove political parties from power and that is why they fear it, even today, after they managed to put the despotic Fixed Parliament Act on the statute book.


 Repeal of the 1972 Act is the opposite of what the British electorate voted for at the General Election of 2015 - just over a year ago.


 If they do want it they must vote for it in a general election.


It is the only way to get it any other method will only create more trouble for them on Europe and other matters.


If the Conservative Party wants out then it must admit it has been wrong for 44 years (and Theresa May must admit she has been wrong her entire political life on on the matter of the independence of the Nation, right up to the 23rd of June 2016 when she - prompted by the referendum opinion poll - reflected and saw the error in her previous position, the only other possible explanation is that she is at it and has not changed her mind but wants to be PM so much that she will say anything) and offer to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act to the British people in a general election.


Without a general election on EU membership, our parliamentary representative democracy – just like the separation referendum – will have been overthrown and manipulated by forces outside electoral control.


 This is the Trojan Horse in action.






2nd October 2016


“…A harsh thing to say…”




Bonnie Greer, knowingly gives BBC Question Time the hard fact and a warning about immigration.


 If the Nation does not defend it’s territory and reproduce itself, it will cease to exist.


“….because the country (the indigenous British) is getting older…We are a migratory species and we move...We move to find things we need…........


....we will continue to move.”


(14m in)








27th September 2016


A Flood Of Money




 The hard effects of the UK’s moral, social, economic and political dissolution are now being soaked up and hidden by a tidal wave of false money. A flood of false money (money created with no relative physical worth) is pouring daily into the British economy (itself mutating into an aggregate of diverse economies in the territory) in order to hide and postpone the effects of Conservative and Labour policy over the past fifty years.




 A flood of cheap money: Borrowed money, Saved money, Early released pension money, Printed and digitally created money, Private debt, Government debt, Local authority debt, Student debt, Elderly debt, Corporate debt, Quantative easing, Near zero interest rate money, all combined with: Mass poverty, Mass indentured labour, Mass immigration, Mass forced employment of mothers and the Mass removal of British men from the labour force are the policies pursued to sustain the fiction that the economy is “on the up” and “booming” while concealing the catastrophic condition and destructive forces now let loose inside the economy.




 It is no surprise that those individuals with serious wealth are now getting out of money instruments and are getting into gold.










3rd September 2016


  The Conservative Party Launches Petition Against.......The Conservative Party.




The Conservative Party in Scotland has launched a website petition to oppose a second separation referendum.


Unfortunately for the Conservative Party:




1 The only party to have held a separation


referendum has been.....the Conservative Party.




2 The only party that has the authority to set up another separation referendum is.....the Conservative Party.


 Here is the former Conservative Party Leader David Cameron launching the separation referendum. 






3rd September 2016     


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.


The image of the Cabinet sitting at the table, meeting at chequers says it all. Look at them, They believe in nothing. They do not know why they are there. Our country is now governed by this collection of the vain and the desperate. They have spent their (in some cases very short) political life performing the revolutionary script, on: Immigration, Devolution, Europe, Abortion and De-industrialisation and the rest. This is their reward.


For the rest of us, we must pay for them and the actions they are about to commit.






3rd September 2016    


Give Up, Giving In To The Conservative Party.


 Even with Conservative Party continuing to keep the 1972 European Communities Act on the statute book (which must be repealed for us to leave the eurostate), allowing another 633,000 immigrants (narrow official number) into the UK in the last year and permitting the devolved parliament to illegally pursue both a constitutional and a foriegn policy there are still individuals who think of themselves as unionists who support and give comfort and money to the Conservative Party. They take the view that after 50 years of hollowing out the moral, social economic and political elements of the United Kingdom, the Conservative Party can perhaps be encouraged or persuaded to be nice to the United Kingdom. If they cannot and will not learn the lessons of the past 50 year then so be it. The Conservative Party is not interested the Union, it is not interested in Nationhood, it is interested in the ruin and ransacking of the United Kingdom to make money for the Conservative Party.


 The Conservative Party is the trojan horse of British politics, it must be defeated and removed as a principle party in our country.






28th August 2016


No Mandate, No Exit. supports the repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act.




There is no mandate for repeal of the 1972 Act. At the 2015 General Election, an overwhelming majority of MP's were elected on manifesto's supporting continued membership of the EU, these included: Boris Johnson and Michael Gove and Theresa May. All of them recieved the electors authority (authority is singular) and were elected to represent their electors in the British House of Commons. The 2016 European Referendum contained no authority as authority had been exercised the year before in the General Election. The referendum was, like all referendums in the United Kingdom merely a survey, an opinion poll, even though it was paid for by taxpayers money and set up by the government.


Theresa May has no authority on such a principle matter, to reverse, without a by-election, the manifesto commitment she gave to her electors in Maidenhead as recently as May 2015 and kept until the 24th of June 2016. Nothing happened on the 23rd of June 2016 to alter the terms of the compact between her and her electors and the authority she recieved at the General Election. If she believes however that the survey has encouraged her to reflect and that she now believes she was previously wrong to support membership, then on such a matter of national importance, she should be candid with her Maidenhead constituency and as Primeminister, the Nation, and admit she was wrong and call a General Election so that the electors can consider and authorise a new course.


On the principal matter of the national independence of the United Kingdom a mandate not executive discretion is required to determine the course of national action.




















20th August 2016    


Made For Each Other.


Conservative Party Leader, Theresa May is a fully paid up member of the political revolution started in the sixties and it's challenge to established national authority, so recently fought for and sacrificed for between 1939 and 1945.  Her entire political life has been for the revolution. For EU membership, For Mass Immigration, For Legislative Devolution, For Mass Abortion, For Mass Poverty. Now in a puff of smoke she is Primeminister and presented as the Mother Theresa of the Nation. Except she is not. While her media team and Conservative Central Office present her vicarage and grammer school past as a comfort blanket to the Britain they hate, she and they, continue to unleash destructive  moral, social and economic forces, day in day out on the British people. Her entire political life has been based on snuffing out British authority, liberty and economic power. In the Conservative party, she recognised the vechile that would transport her to the heights of political power.  Mrs May throughout her entire political life has voted for the revolution and it has made her rich and it has made her Primeminister. She has made no attempt, when she could have, to oppose the forces unleashed against the United Kingdom.   Her time in the Home Office, and it was a long time, in Home Office terms, saw her overseeing more than three million immigrants entering the UK, even on the governments own narrow gauge statistics and the managed decay of our territorial and coastal defences. This is the mark of her actual political action, her depth and her character. On devolution, despite her claims in front of No 10 Downing Street that the Union was precious to her, just as Blair, Brown and Cameron all did, she has been voting for the devolution experiment for decades. Her failure to enforce Schedule Five of the 1998 Scotland Act on becoming Primeminister is further evidence of her belief and compliance in the failed fifty year old revolution.  This is the true mark of her premiership before it has even started but even more than that it is the true mark of the Conservative Party.






28th July 2016 


 “Rule of Law Enforced on Named Persons, Now For The Constitution and Foriegn Affairs


  The UK “Supreme Court”, in our constitution only the House of Commons is supreme, has just exercised British Authority over the devolved Parliament and declared that the Named Person scheme, a devolved law made by the devolved Parliament is “...not within the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament. It is outside the provisions of the 1998 Scotland Act. Now the rule of law must also be applied to the Constitution and Foriegn Affairs. The devolved Parliament, it's officials and MSP's are acting outside the law on these matters too. See Schedule Five of the Act.










21st July 2016   


“Enforce and Police” 

  has opposed the Named Person scheme in principle, since it was floated out and was legislated for with the compliance of the Conservative, Labour and SNP in the devolved Parliament. The matter is now before the so called UK Supreme Court. A judgement will be made public on Thursday 28th July. Aidan O’Neill QC,  representing those opposed to the scheme, told the judges they had a duty to “enforce and police” the limits of the Scottish Parliament. He is correct. Further, not only on the matter of Named Person must the Scottish Parliament be kept inside the 1998 Scotland Act, it must also be kept inside the law regarding the Constitution and Foreign Affairs, as Schedule Five of the Act makes clear in black and white, that any interference or action or spending of money on these matters is illegal. The rule of law applies to the Scottish Parliament, it's officials and MSP's just as much as it applies to everyone else in the United Kingdom.     




  18th July 2016   The Lost Chance. Theresa May neglected to tell the Firstminister of the devolved Parliament that it is illegal for the FM and devolved parliament to interfere in either the British Constitution or foreign affairs. This was an ideal opportunity at the start of Mrs May's premiership to bring certainty and the rule of law to the constitution and allow the Nation to move on to repairing  our moral, social and  economic condition.   


                                                                                            18th July 2016  


Just For The Record. 


 According to the pro Conservative Party media, it would appear that Theresa May just emerged from a puff of smoke and has no record of supporting the so called progressive revolution over her entire political career. would like to contribute a small item in the interest of balance. While Home Secretary, Theresa May was in charge of the UK Border Force. Here is a measurement of her work. Italy has coastal waters of about 4700 miles while  the UK's coastal waters are about 7700miles.  Italy's  equivalent of the UK Border Force is the Guardia di Finanza, it  has 68000 staff. The UK Border Force has 8000. The Guardia di Finanza has 600 boats and ships the UK has 5.




                                                                                                                                    15th July 2016  


 Now Or Never Mrs May.


  Today the British Primeminister must inform the devolved Firstminister of the devolved  parliament that the devolved parliament has no authority or mandate on reserved matters including the Constitution and Foreign Affairs.  If the devolved parliament enters into reserved matters, that is illegal and unconstitutional. The rule of law must be upheld. Mrs May must give the Firstminister notice that if the devolved parliament breaks the law then it will be prorogued pending a UK wide review of devolution. If she does not then all her other words on the Union will be empty.


14th July 2016     


Dictionary For Theresa May.


The former failed Home Secretary Theresa May last night claimed the Conservative Party was the Conservative and Unionist Party, it is not. The definition of a unionist is one who supports  union, ie a singular, unitary and integral parliamentary government of the United Kingdom. The Conservative Party is opposed to the Union. Since 1997 under cover of the devolution referendums the Conservative Party has completely abandoned the Union and adopted a federalist path to separation.






14th July 2016  


Caught By Their Own Trap.




 The national survey otherwise known as the EU referendum has detonated a political bomb among the anti British political class. Having worshipped at the alter of so called  "popular democracy"   since 1970 and having used the referendum mechanism to challenge parliamentary authority and further their revolutionary ambitions, they have been caught in their own trap that they had set themselves for others for over forty years. 








14th July 2016  




Scottish Conservative Party Pushes for Second Separation Referendum. 


The Scottish Conservatives have wasted no time in calling for the clearingof the constitutional and legal barriers to a second separation referendum.  This call will no doubt surprise those unionists who less than two months ago voted for the Scottish Conservative Party in the devolved election thinking that they were voting for a unionist party's not.    




14th July 2016  


The Cast List.  


 The national survey aka the European Union referendum has at last brought together at one place and one time,  the entire fifty year old  political anti British establishment that has intentionally ruined the United Kingdom. They include The pre Blair, Blair otherwise known as  John Major , Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Kinnock, Alistair Darling, Alistair Campbell, Nick Clegg, William Hague, George Osbourne, Peter Mandelson, Chris Patten and Paddy Ashdown, the list, of course goes on and on. There was also the walk on parts played by the usual anti British spaghetti soup of CON LAB SNP LIB TUC CBI BOE COE etc etc.  Then there are all the other  entities and individuals hostile to the United Kingdom in other fields and activities, quite happy to bite the hand that fed them ie  business and the arts.  Then there are  the foriegn governments, corporations and organisations that have intervened in the affairs of the United Kingdom, the IMF and the World Bank to name just two.    




22nd June 2016    


The Assent of  Parliament.     Whatever  the result of the  EU referendum, it has no authority. It is constitutionally and  legally the general election,  the exercise  of the British people's electoral  authority in their constituencies, that will decide the matter. To quote the words of Harold Wilson's official government statement  in the 1975 referendum,     "...continued membership (of the common market) will depen0d on the continuing assent of Parliament"                          




 19th June 2016  




 Until very recently the British Constitution provided for general elections at regular intervals usually every four to five  years and when the Primeminister made a judgment that the nation demanded an early  general election, 1974 for example, that could be facilitated too. This flexible  arrangement  allowed the activity of government to take place for four to five years without  politicians being engaged in election campaigning . The natural tempo of general election then governance then  general election provided the British people with a balance of thought and action, of electoral control, legislative composition and implementation of law. This  has now been blown apart by the Conservative and Labour parties. The Fixed Parliaments Act, the use of referendums and the introduction of legislative devolution as well as other political fads and fashions have   led the United Kingdom into a period of  dissolving  electoral control, cut and paste legislation  and public policy  paralysis, political flux and an increasing  descent into public disorder. Since 2010 we have had a general election, a devolution referendum in Wales, a PR referendum, devolution elections, elections for the  London Assembly, election for London Mayor, Elections for Police and Crime    Commissioners, City Mayor's etc, a separation referendum then another general election which was followed by more devolution elections and the rest  and then a EU membership referendum.  This is not government it is stasis. This is not parliamentary government it is    despotic government.








11th June 2016 


Referendums: Fiction and Force.








Since 1970 referendums have been used  by Conservative and  Labour  governments to  provide a fictional secondary, superior or   alternative  authority in order to get off the hook of their previous manifesto commitment without having to submit themselves to the electorate again in a general election. This was the case in the separation referendum when MP'S across all constituencies in Scotland were elected on a 2010 general election commitment to be part of the Union. It is the case on the European referendum, a majority of Conservative and Labour MP's were elected on a commitment to continued membership of the EU this includes Johnson and Gove.  The electorate made a decision to stay in at the last general election and providing we still have a functioning parliamentary system across the UK, at the next general election, we can vote for a party that offers what must be offered a commitment to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act.  Our ancient form of parliamentary government regulates and controls political action, political power political conflict and political force. It does this by asserting a singular national authority. By promoting the fiction of referendum authority these element's are  released, unregulated and let loose. With electoral authority discarded and not one individual mandated in a referendum as it has no human element otherwise it would be an  election, society then moves from a living united parliamentary democracy to a politically inanimate, divided society full of public disorder, conflict and breakdown.  It is the rule of the mob not the rule of law. We must ban referendums through an amendment to the Representation of the People Act.








2nd June 2016 


 The Problem.


 Behind the mask of old Conservative and Labour party history lies their fifty year old hatred for the British and everything we are. Labour MP Pat Glass was caught out recently describing older white men as the problem in opposing the secular and multicultural  agenda of both parties. She is right. 


   See Vassal Territory Blog 47  


2nd June 2016


The Manse and The Stipend. 


 The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has recently taken place, continuing it's trajectory to whatever and wherever the next secular fad is, it only remains a presence on the high street because of it's now historical and political patronage,  it's now historical social class legacy and of course, the power and control that 121 George Street has over the church buildings and the manse and the stipend in the silencing of dissent of ministers and elders. See Vassal Territory Blog 56  




2nd June 2016  


Numbers and BBC Numbers Again.  


  The recent official ONS immigration number for last year was 630,000.  The BBC used the net figure across all it's platforms, a figure of 330,000. The net figure phrase was then reduced to being simply the number. As if by magic 300,00 immigrants have vanished. A less reported number is the quantity of National Insurance Numbers issued in the last year, the number is 800,000. Please check the ONS site for source data used by the BBC.  To estimate the UK actual population for yourself please check sewage outflow statistics and supermarket market estimates. 


27th May 2016  


What Kind of Union Do You Want?


Part 8  


 Pay To Work


The Conservative Party is proposing that workers initially in the remains of the steel industry should pay to keep their jobs by contributing part their pension pot to their employers to offset employers pension liability.


   The UK is closing down.


 British Steel must be re - established and nationalised and a legal de - marcation kept between employee and employer. 


27th May 2016  


What Kind of Union Do You Want?




Part 7




 Cathy Warwick is the "CEO", note the business nomenclature of the Royal College of Midwives and "Chair", note the revolutionary feminist designation of the British Pregnancy Advice Service BPAS. She has called for an unlimited time limit for abortions. The current limit is 24 weeks. There has been over 8 million abortions since the 1967 Abortion Act. This is the Conservative and Labour secular agenda in action.  


The Abortion Act must be repealed and replaced with a GP Act.   






 26th May 2016


HOL Constitution Committee Report on The Union and Devolution Released.  


The Committee refused to call a single Unionist. Bin.




  16th May 2016


Stewart Connell on Radio Scotland Europe  




27 min in








14th May 2016      


    Phoney War 


 After the  Conservative gerrymandered elections in May, next up is the Conservative gerrymandered EU referendum both have pushed other serious matters economy, moral and material poverty and social dis integration to the margins aided by a compliant mainstream media terrified of Conservative Central Office. The referendum mechanism described by Clement Attlee as an "alien device" is the weapon of choice for those set against the United Kingdom and it's parliamentary representative democracy and indeed it is that, that  they truly detest. Since it's first trial in the UK's experimental test laboratory otherwise known as Northern  Ireland in 1970, the destructive potential of the referendum mechanism on our representative democracy was recognised by those hostile to our parliamentary representative traditions. All the latest  political fashions including devolution, PR etc have been  tested there before being applied on a wider basis. A referendum was always on the cards should there be a serious sign that the British people wanted to become a free nation again. As it was with the Labour government in 1975 so it is with the Conservative government in 2016. We can only get out  through a general election in which one of the two principal parties of the state offer to repeal the 1972 European Communites Act. Therefore it is essential for those wanting to keep the UK in  that the matter must not be decided where it can only be decided in a general election. That is why Boris Johnson and Michael Gove were happy to stand on a Conservative manifesto just last May declaring to the Nation that we must stay in the EU, no talk then of how bad the EU is. Now safely  after the general election and the money in their bank accounts they have decided now is the time to say in public that  to leave might be a good idea although even this is couched in terms of securing a better stay in deal and of course providing personal vanities are kept in check and the immigration matter is kept in it's heavily sealed box,  Cameron Johnson Osbourne Gove will return to being chums in a united Conservative Party after the referendum. It is all a panto, a wasteful panto. While this waste and distraction takes place the Nation needs leadership and action, a party and a manifesto to put our countryback together again. The longstanding plan has been  that  the Vichy establishment including the usual anti British spaghetti soup of CON LAB LIB SNP PC TUC CBI BOE and the rest will secure sixty to sixty five per cent in the referendum and  the imaginary authority in the referendum will then closedown debate on the matter until the time the United Kingdom no longer has a unitary Parliament which can recover it's lost freedom. 


9th May 2016      


   Stagnant Water. 


Do not drink.


The Conservative Party not the SNP initiated the 2014 referendum. 




Do you support the United Kingdom and  against devolution.........we need your support 






9th May 2016      


   We Won. 


 Despite the  united front of the Con Lab Lib PC SNP  parties and  massive public money and wall to wall pro devolution propaganda......


Over 1,800,000 electors refused to participate in the devo election across Scotland.  Thats about 44 in every 100.  In Wales the turnout was only 46 out of 100 while the Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party won over 44,000 votes.  So much for a popular devolution revolution.


Do you support the United Kingdom and  against devolution.........we need your support




 9th May 2016


 Five Years. is five years old. 


  Do you support the United Kingdom and  against devolution.........we need your support 




  7th May 2016


Dont Blame the SNP.


Watch The Conservative Party Launch the Break Up Britain Referendum. On the 7th January 2012, the referendum did not exist after this interview it did. Let us not forget that it was the Conservative Party that launched  the referendum and it is the Conservative Party who continue to chop up the United Kingdom with devolution the latest instalment on the way is the new Wales Bill.


           2nd May 2016     




Unpublished Until Now: Released


   "The Union and The Referendum"   


 A Speech by Stewart Connell


 This speech was due to be delivered to a public meeting in Inverclyde in the Autumn of 2014.      


The meeting was cancelled. 


    Please See Above Special Release Tab 








27th April 2016 


            Talking Rubbish.       . The Conservative Party, the Labour Party or the SNP can put whatever they like on the subject of the Constitution and referendum into their devolution manifesto because the Constitution and a referendum are not mandatable in the devolution election. Will someone in the media please read the Scotland Act 1998 Schedule 5.      


 23rd April 2016 


What Kind of Union Do You Want?


Part 6


 Unionism and Taxation. 


   We must tax with a moral and unitary and national purpose. We must tax equitably, according to what each posesses. As the Conservative and Labour parties disintegrate the UK so our tax system disintegrates. Taxation policy now falls heavy on the; the poor, married families, unemployed , the sick and the elderly while it falls lightly on the rich and those with inherited wealth,  those who have ripped off our national resources,  and those in the debt based financial sector and the corpulent state. The essentials and basics of life are tax heavy while luxuries are tax light . It is the job of national government to tax for the moral and national purpose and not for a secular, selfish, materialist, free for all where bling is king and while our neighbour faces penury  day in day out.








 23rd April 2016 


What Kind of Union Do You Want?




 Part 5  


. Unionism and the Arts.   s The 1970s and  1980s are widely seen as the peak of British popular arts      Why have they been in decline since then? There are two main resons. As the United Kingdom disintegrates then so does British identity and our common reference and culture.  The Conservative and Labour parties have abandoned the arts and their mediums to money with no concern for a national narrative or how the mediums are organised for a national purpose.  If we select television as an example and look at the early 80s  drama  " The Boys From The Blackstuff " ,  it was based on a distinct common British experience of unemployment and poverty. A common audience  across the UK could recognise it and react to its content.  All art has an element of universal experience  however it is  the unique national experience that forms our experience and its context and expression. It  gives a narrative purpose and form  and meaning to the text or the visual art or  the performance. The retreat of  British culture has created  a vacuum  and has opened the doors to unrestricted profit and foreign  ownership. A money driven generic mush content has now filled the space. This mush transmits highly political revolutionary propaganda messages and images all designed to disrupt the tranmission of authority and knowledge in the Nation while replacing the foundations of British society.  Television is an important medium in the transmission of our moral, social , economic and political culture. The conquest of the main TV channels BBC1, BBC2, ITV AND Channel 4 by the Conservative and Labour revolutionaries has been assisted by the de regulation in what had been a tightly regulated activity. A television  "big bang" in 1979 to borrow the phrase from the financial sector  led to that years ITV strike    and highlighted the increasing  outsourcing of ITV production across the  ITV regions  ITV then was a territorial regionalised franchise . This TV big bang increased outsourcing and privatisation of activities in the  BBC and the explict outsourcing of C4 output in 1982. The  outsourcing disintegrated the inhouse skill centres of  artitstic and technical talent. Further dis-  integration would take  place  with the effective abandonment of the ITV territorial regional TV stations resulting in their replacement with new amorphous  media companies who where more  interested  in developing sellable generic programme brands rather than develop local interest programmes. All arts have periods of popularity and decline however when the Nation is disintegrating there no common reference or cultural experience except for the experience of disintegration itself. Unionism must not only restore the common UK narrative, it must regenerate the means of its transmission. That in practical television terms means the restoration of British technical and artistic talent through BBC in house production, The re establishment of the Independent Television Authority ITA to oversee the return of the ITV regional stations and the direct nationalisation of Channel 4.     


     10th April 2016  


The Other Britain


  How  do we know that there is another Britain possible ? 
 A Britain with a  parliamentary representative government, A  Britain that has an established religion that stands its ground, A Britain that has common social bonds, A Britain that has a serious national economy based on defence and heavy industry and a Britain that has education system that transmits authority and knowledge to the next generation, a Britain that works........................because we remember it. 


  10th April 2016 


 Local Government   


   While 297  devo politicians are due to be elected in the forthcoming devolution racket we should also bear in mind the 41 Police and Crime Commissioners, 25 London Assembly Members and the London Mayor all due to be elected in this UK wide gerrymandered farce.  The campaign supports the abolition of the PAC Commissioners and the return of their powers to local councils. We also support the abolition of the London Assembly and the post of London Mayor with all powers returned to local London boroughs, the reduction in the number of boroughs composing London, and the establishment of a London Council with representatives sent from the boroughs to decide on London wide matters.




10th April 2016 


  Cardboard Economy 


 The media has recently reported the increasing use of cardboard policemen to deter crime by giving the impression that they are human policemen on the beat......We have a cardboard economy in the United Kingdom giving the impression that the economy is functioning. It is not. 




10th April 2016 


 The Golden Mile 


 In all UK  cities there is now  a bling mile where materialism and commercialism and public money and propaganda are concentrated. Step out of that mile and you are immediately plunged back into the grinding, poverty and misery that for most British people is their daily routine.....that is, those people not living off  either inherited wealth, the ransacking of our national resources and industries or the proceeds from a debt ridden financial sector or corpulent state. 




 5th April 2016    


The Steering Wheel


  There are four anti parliaments legislating in the UK ...the Scottish Parliament, the European Parliament, the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Welsh Assembly. Legislative devolution and membership of the Eurostate has dispersed power from the UK parliment.




   A car does not have three or four steering wheels.  A car has one steering wheel.


The steering wheel centralises power, provides control and direction of  the car. 


The British Parliament is all we need to put our country back together again. 






31st March  2016    


   Steel Was British Too.  


The United Kingdom is closing down. 


    25th March  2016    Longannet Was British   Longannet coal fired power station has been closed.     It was the second largest in the UK and the last coal fired power station in Scotland.
The  station worked for 46 years. It was still fully functional and generated power for over 2 million British homes, hospitals and schools and other public services. It employed hundreds of men on site and provided valuable economic activity to the local area. The station has been closed by; the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the SNP, the TUC, the CBI, Scottish Power ( a front company of the Spanish corporation  Iberdrola)  and the political organistion which claims it is a charity the World Wildlife Fund.  


The United Kingdom is closing down. 




20th March 2016      


     Nice Work If You Can Get It        297 is the number of devo politicians, on well above average salaries, due to be elected in the forthcoming gerrymandered PR devo elections. While most of the British people face grinding day to day poverty, this farce will cost millions. There is is also the spending on;    IT, Transport, Office Equipment, Travel expenses Food and Drink, Accommodation etc to say nothing about the legions of tax funded hangers on; Special Advisers and researchers etc. Everypenny will further the separation of the United Kingdom. Abstain.


We do not need it and we do not need them.






           19thMarch 2016          


King James Version Luke Chapter 21 Verses 1 - 4


 And he looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury.   


 And he saw also a certain poor widow casting in thither two mites.


And he said, Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all:


For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God:


but she of her penury hath cast in all the living that she had.




   14th March 2016 


What Kind of Union Do You Want?


Part 4


 Unionism and Architecture Planning. 


While debt, divorce, silo lifestyles and immigration have all conributed to the mess that has been housing policy, for fifty years there has been a lack of serious thought at a national and local level about the need for architecure, public and private that provides continuity and a common local and national story. 


.  There should be an immediate  freeze on the demolishing of all pre 1970 buildings and all new buildings must meet a strict local scale and sympathy criteria, for to long councils have approved plans because they brought money and  a new office and retail block to an awkward site . Local councils need to have more confidence in their longer term plans and be less interested in bringing in new money. Local planning must be generally based on unity of the purpose of the public space. The  sympathy criteria must include  the supply of maintenance materials in order to keep an integrity to the original build.






  13th March 2016 


What Kind of Union Do You Want


Part 3  


Unionism and Architecture


 The Right to Buyback       The sell off of council housing was wrong. Money and expected profit was put before all other personal and social and national  considerations. A street, a village, a town, a city and our Nation need common solid social bonds based on more than expected profit.  A large part of these bonds is in seeing the common housing and architecture that reflect the general common outlook and history of those that live in a  particular place. When the council estates are bit by bit privatised, the common story and identity is broken.           We must buy back.






12 March 2016 




What Kind of Union Do You Want?




Part 2




"Selfish Everything"




 The retreat of the established church, the de industrialisation of the national economy and the rise of digital debt has led to the atomisation of society. As the public space and  public organisations contract there is  an increase in  silo lifestyles.  A large part of the population now lives in isolation from the rest.  The previously commonculture is now either simply not engaged in or the new cultures push the old culture out. There are many reasons for the rise of the silo society not all associated with money or immigration. The failure and consequence of a large number of men to marry and establish their own families is now emerging in the national narrative and statistical figures. These are national matters of serious effect and should be debated up front by the two principal parties of state instead they are put on  list of forbidden subjects not to be debated.  Quite apart from the central matter of the established church, the matters of securing mass male physical employment and the control of debt are essential for a united society that has common social bonds and a common culture.






 5th March  2016  




 Part 2


 The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party


The  Scottish Conservative Party is a fake Unionist party. It is neither conservative or unionist. It is a secular money machine. It is separatist and federalist. It has no concern for the British people because it has no interest in the responsibilities of Nationhood. Its primary objective is to make money for itself by selling British resources and pushing the British people into moral and material poverty for fifty years. Its lead candidate  on the Glasgow list is federalist,  republican, visiting professor blah blah blah and constitutional advisor to  the last Conservative government and HOL Constitutional Committee Adam Tomkins. 




 1st March  2016  






Our British parliamentary representative democracy functions through the operating of two principle constellations of interest.




A force and a counterforce.




Like the two drums that hold a chain in tension on a bike.


 Political parties provide the means to capture, hold and direct power.


Since about 1910 onwards those two constellations have been the Conservative party and the Labour party.


 It is time to replacc these parties.




Since about 1960 both these constellations have been converging on a revolutionary political (and highly masked) manifesto to replace our British way of life with a secular (selfish),  amorphous existence.




Today there is no counterforce, no counter narrative to this Conservative, Labour, Liberal, PC and SNP agenda.




The result is that the British people have no other constellation to vote for and  capture, hold and direct power towards the British interest.




The counter narrative exists across the country on all manner of subjects subjects but a singular political party organistion is required to deliver the counterforce.




Without such an organisation the political effect cannot be delivered to the Conservative and Labour parties and the rest.




They remain in power no matter how we presently vote.




It is now time for a new UK-wide unionist party with a broad manifesto  to provide the counterforce to the Conservative, Labour and Liberal PC and SNP constellation.




It is into this constellation all the pro British political forces (campaign organistions, groups, political parties, facebook pages, think tanks, society's, and foundations etc) that seek the restoration of the UK must now direct themselves and work.


 It must be done and done now.










24nd February 2016   


Get Off The Bus


If you get on a bus and it takes you time and time again, to where you do not want to go then you must get off the bus and get a bus that will take you to where you do want to go.


 Get on our bus and go where you do want go.


 Join the new UK wide Unionist Party.


 See Tab Above.






22nd February 2016 


EU Referendum:


Stewart Connell on BBC Radio Scotland founder


Stewart Connell argues the case against


the EU referendum and the case for getting the UK out of the EU through a general election.


About 44m in.








20th February 2016 


 Tidy Up.


 As the UK enters the final phase of it's dis-integration: morally, socially and economically we can see the effects before us in mass abortion, mass poverty, traffic jams, the state separation of mother from child, selfishness and the cult of "work" among many others.


 While the Conservative and Labour political class play out the politics of the last third of the 20th century in the 21st century they find


(rather unconveniently)


that their revolution funparty started in the 1960's - one generation after the war- is over.


 Rather than set a new totalitarian utopian (secular) template for a "new" society, the warp and woof of the "pop" counterculture period was simply a transient post war artistic cultural manifestation (based on hardwired relative ordered peace, technological and commercial advance and wider prosperity) not the dawning of the age of Aquarius and it's political expression.


 The party is over now and we must tidy up.




This is Blog 59 from Vassal Territory Blog


See also Vassal Territory Blog (Tab above)


Blog 20


"The Party's Over"






4th February 2016 


The New


 "New" in the sense of evolutionary progress, new methods, new styles, new discoveries, new arrangements and new patterns detected, that type of newness does not challenge our Nation, it is natural, it is good.


Natural change is part of life, it is about building upon the past not casting it out.


 Natural newness is part of advancing, aging and maturing (the gaining of wisdom from experience, from making mistakes and learning from them)


- living - in a personal and national sense.


 For the Conservative and Labour revolutionaries "new" has been and is a cover name for political attack on the UK and it's institutions.


To them the UK was and is old and full of authority (based on the British people's expressed parliamentary consent through constituency election of their MP) and not least it worked and so had to be replaced with revolutionary new authority (including the challenge to and demotion of adult and parental authority - permitting the rise of state power and propaganda into the school and family), new behaviour and new policies: Devolution Policy, Multicultural Policy, Europe Policy to name only three.


They are part of the political generation that appointed itself as the "new" in the early 1960s.


The 1960's counterculture did not just reflect a transient social mood it was conscripted by the revolutionaries as a cheap visible and sound sensual template of their intended secular utopia.


 A robust UK political establishment would have been able to bend and move with the post war warp and woof of "pop" culture but by the mid 1960's the political establishment had surrendered.


They had not so much - lost their political faith in their country - rather they had removed it and placed it in either money or foreign power or both.


They had lost the will to fight and be a force for the British interest.


Lacking any opposition (a counterforce) - the Conservative and Labour revolutionary political force set out to attack all the institutions and manifestation's of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Attacking the British island Nation off the north west coast of continental Europe.


 Attacking the independent, easy going people, minded to think the best of others.


 Attacking our Christian Parliament, the rule of law and family life.


The revolutionaries knew that to defeat the British people you must first defeat their Parliament and it's exclusive representation of the British people.


 The final phase of the "new" - 30 years later under "New Labour" and it's Conservative Party progeny, set about the final decisive actions: removing or taking over the moral, social, economic and cultural institutions and manifestations of the British people.


For 50 years the revolutionaries have met no counterforce.


 Until now.




This Article is part three of the Descent Series.


(Please find the Descent Series Tab at the top of this page)




9th February 2016 


Conservative Party Breaking Britain Everyday




 The Conservative Party is the foremost political vehicle that is disintegrating the UK.


For decades the Conservative Party has regarded the Union as tiresome and antiquated,


a diversion from it's overriding objective of selling the British people and their resources for foreign power and foreign




 The Conservative Party is not interested in Nationhood or the National interest.


 For decades it has sold out the British People and sacrificed them for easy money.


It is not interested in our Christian foundations and history, our common social bonds or our national economy.


 It is interested in a Godless, broken apart and set against each other selfish society where


only work (providing they don't do it) and moneymaking matter.


It's time to break the Conservative Party.


It's time to break the Conservative Party as a principal party of British politics.


We must remove the Conservative Party to the margins of politics.




See also Vassal Territory Blog




3rd August 2015


Work Work Work.






7th February 2016 


Here They Are


and This is What They Do.




 The Conservative Party is dedicated to the separation of our United Kingdom.


They support the replacement of our unitary and integral Union Constitution with a new federal constitution.


 Here is an exchange of email between Unionist Campaigner and founder of Stewart Connell and the Clerk to the HOL Constitutional Committee on the subject of it's Union and Devolution Inquiry.


The Committee Chairman is Conservative Party member Lord Lang.


 What you see below is the Conservative Party preventing parliamentary democratic representation as they closedown the Inquiry to Unionists in order to push out a one-sided report against our Union Constitution and in favour of a replacement federal constitution.


A link to the Committee is attached.


16 Dec 2015




Mr Willcott                                           


Not  single witness has yet been called to speak in defence of our unitary and integral Parliamentary constitution.


Will the committee call one?






13 Jan 2016


Dear Mr Connell,


I discussed this matter with the Committee today.


The Committee has received a wide range of written evidence for its inquiry into the Union and devolution. In any inquiry, the Committee has a limited number of oral evidence sessions and has to make choices about which individuals or organisations to hear from, and about which views or positions to explore in more detail in oral evidence.


The Committee has received and taken into account your views through the written evidence you submitted, but has decided not to explore them further with you in oral evidence. I know this will be disappointing, but I can assure you that your written evidence will be considered as the Committee prepares its report on this subject.




Link to HOL CC










25th January 2016 






See Vassal Territory Blog 58








19th January 2016 


What Kind of Union Do You Want?


 Part 1


"Sell Everything"




As RBS issue advice to sell everthing (see your preferred media source) the economy now gears down even further after the December debtfest - billions spent (100 billion debt expansion in the 11 months before December).


Only: Mass Immigration, Mass Poverty, Mass Off Book Unemployment, Mass Sell Off of National Assets, Mass Private Debt, Mass Public Debt, Mass Corporate Debt, Mass Push of Women into the Workforce, Near Zero Interest Rates, Mass Release of Pension Funds and Government Printing/Digital Generation of Money (QE) continues to hide the actual broken and bankrupt state of the national economy.


 In breakdown, bankrupt Britain, the poor are now locked into poverty while the young are inculcated and locked into debt meanwhile our national infrastructure is sold off or rots way.




A new party. A new path.




Next On


What Kind of Union Do You Want?


Part 2


"Selfish Everything"




18th January 2016 


Stewart Connell on Radio Wales Today.




Steel Jobs




Wales Morning Call about 40m in.










14th January 2016 


You Have Been Watching


the Coup D'état




Having failed in their Referendum Coup d'état.


(the referendum had no legal power or authority to break up the UK - See 2013 Scotland Act  Modification Order in Council and previous posts)


 The Conservative and Labour establishment are now attempting another one.


The new Coup d'état is now being assembled.


Week by week the Conservative and Labour revolutionary outriders appear led by the Constitutional Reform Group before the HOL Constitutional Committee


(Unionist's are banned from appearing as witnesses) to lay down the plan.


The Plan


 1 Set up a UK Constitutional Convention.


 2 Agree a New Federal Union Act/Treaty text.


3 Legislate the text into a new federal codified constitution to replace our existing constitution.




It Is A Coup D'état.












13th January 2016


The View From Unionist England.


 Stephen Bailey writes for




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6th January 2016


Lord Lang


Lord Lang Chairman of the HOL Constitutional Committee has on


several occasions now asked "what is the Union for?"




We do not ask what is Lord Lang for.




We are blessed that The Union does exist.


We pray and give thanks for it.


We officially remember those who have defended it against those who would destroy it every November the 11th.


For Lord Lang to ask such a question is to give ground to the enemies of the Union, it implies that the Union is simply a utilitarian construct, that it requires a material purpose, a business plan which can be reviewed, audited and then re-structured to conform to some secular and materialist balance sheet.


By asking the question Lord Lang implies that the Union is up for review.


It is not.


A balance sheet will not take you over sandbags in a trench in the Somme.


A balance sheet will not make you jump from a landing craft into the sea and onto the beach of Normandy.


A balance sheet will do none of these things.


The Union needs no audit or material purpose.


For centuries the Union has stood for the rule of law, parliamentary representative democracy and individual liberty.


While darkness fell across Europe on several occasions it was the British that stood fast as the beacon of light and liberty.


Today millions seek to come and indeed do come to Great Britain.


They do not come to be oppressed and their hopes extinguished.


They come to be free under the rule of law.


They come because when they see the Union Jack, they see freedom, Parliamentary representative democracy


and the rule of law.


The Union is a blessing in itself.




6th January 2016


Stopping the Devolution Conveyer Belt.




If the legislative devolution conveyer belt is stopped it will revert to a form of administrative devolution.




The secret of the destructive power of legislative devolution is it's continuing accretion of powers and the political


(in the widest sense) expectation that it will gain further powers until there are no more powers to gain:


complete separation.




Only when a British party and government with the belief and willpower to defend the Union commits itself to


no more devolution


and indeed begins to reverse it will the destructive power and expectation of it be at an end.










 1st January 2016


We Call Labour's Bluff (Again).


Last January we called Labour's bluff.


They thought Unionist's across Scotland had no where else to go at the General Election.


We advised unionist's not to vote Labour


(or Conservative or Liberal)


We are pleased to say that Labour in Scotland was wiped out - ending up with only one MP - the same as the Conservative's and the Liberals.


Today we do the same again.


Do not vote Labour, Conservative or Liberal in the devolved Scottish election.




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7th January 2016


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18th October 2015


"Constitution Committee


Publishes Stewart Connell


Paper on Devolution" 












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Connell Speech


"A New Unionist Party"










For information on the call for a


new UK wide Unionist Party


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Our Policy on Devolution.




All electors across the United Kingdom (London, Belfast, Edinburgh or Cardiff) must be equal when they vote in a General Election.




1. We must repeal legislative devolution.


The Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly, the Welsh Assembly (and the London Assmbly) must be abolished.




All functions must be returned to National government (or local councils).


The 129 MSP's, 108 MLA and 60 AM and all their political staff must be sacked.


 No other individual should be sacked.


All devolved public staff must be merged into the British civil service or local council employment without penalty.




2. Introduce administrative devolution on a uniform basis to all local councils across the United Kingdom.


20 subject matters (Mandatory, permisive and regulatory powers) given to all local councils


(abolish Proportional Representation (PR) across all councils and the restoration of "first past the post" method of election for local council's).








Police Reserve


Fire Brigade


Auxiliary Fire Brigade


Economic Planning


Emergency Planning


Civil Defence Planning


Public Realm Planning


Transport Planning


Ceremonial Planning


Trading Standards


Public Health


Public Regulation


Public Housing
















*Education to Department of Education and and Social Work to Department of Welfare.




3. A  Common Representation Act must be made law.


 All elector's to legally have the same power's, procedure and practice


when they vote in General Election's and therefore all MP's by law


to have common power's, procedure and practice in the House of Commons.










"We Shall Never Surrender"


House of Commons 4th June 1940


"We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing


strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds,


we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,


we shall fight in the hills;


we shall never surrender"






The website is a small Unionist campaign founded


and based in Glasgow.


Established in 2011, the campaign works mostly in the constitutional and policy field.


It is the only campaign that supports  the repeal of legislative devolution, it is also


the only campaign that through research and investigation exposed that the


referendum in Scotland was a survey with no legal provision or effect to remove the


59 constituencies in Scotland from the United Kingdom.


The referendum was a cover for MP's to withdraw from the House of Commons -


the opposite of the mandate given to them in the 2010 General Election by their


constituent's - and to do so without constituency election.


The campaign has worked at the highest levels of Parliamentary, government and


academic levels and engaged with


two Secretaries of State for Scotland (Michael Moore and Alistair Carmichael),


The Advocate General of Scotland Department.


The Scotland Office,


The Scotland Office Constitutional Division


and senior British Parliament officials.




Research papers by and endorsed by our campaign have been published by both House of Commons and


House of Lords committee's and commission's (available on Parliament's website)




HOL Constitutional Committee


HOC Political and Constitutional Reform Committee


HOC McKay Commission on Devolution

 campaign continues to engaged with  a broad range of media


platforms including BBC Scotland, Sky and Scottish Television.




A Common Parliament A Common Vote




 22nd November 2014


Statement on Referendum Device




-Ban Referendums-


Never again should British electors be taken to the edge of National disintegration and political chaos as they were on the evening of the 18th of September 2014.




The United Kingdom is a Parliamentry Democracy - we elect politician's and they personally must be accountable to


constituency electorate's through the ballot box.




That is why we fought two world wars and many other battles and conflicts.


A referendum allows MP's to avoid constituency election.




It is Parliamentary constituency election that has made Britain free and governed by the rule of law.


We cast off Despotic government over three centuries ago.</strong%3